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January 6, 1923     Arkansas Catholic
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January 6, 1923

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1" [NG LEGEND ABOUT "FOUNTAIN OF YOUTH" AT HOT SPRINGS, ARKANSAS for Quapaw Baths Leads an Old Timer to the Scene Progress of Work to Have the Stories of His Fa- Geologist, Verified True to Story Was Discovered the Its Black Mud and Gushing Hot Water. Party (if visitors from touring Arkansas, ar- Springs on a ver: ralny and were quite dis- the famous sight- bathing cen- the S'bbath rest. The Mr. Geo. A. Callahan, of the Quapaw Baths Cor- OVerlooking the closing for ;his popular bathhouse, ge.niality and kindness, visitors a loop-hole to for a short time impose UPon the hospitality of thxs of bath affairs. A Spa Booster in Hot Springs, in story and facts, is than President Callahan many hundred miles. The infirm sav- ages would lie in the mud for several hours each day, and the cure was in- fallible. It was called "Medicine W- ter" and was held sacred by all the tribes. There the members of all the tribes gathered in peace. The simple children of nature realize(! that the "Great Spirit" had blessed them with a common healing place, and though the various tribes were hostile to each other, their members came and left the caverfi unmolested. The fame of the wonderful waters reached far and wide. Dale recalled having seen Crow, Blackfoot. and Sioux from afar, and the Conmnches, Choctaws and Quapaws. who at that time were located in this territory, mingling at the health giving pools. te has been a resi- I When the crews doing the excavat- s Spa for nearly for- Iing work struck hard rock, it becanm knows it from away be- necessary to resort to blastlng Holes down to the lowes were drilled and heavy charges placed, out there was no upheaval of ' UP to the top of the Ob- and he is as an en- of Spa lore as a boost- of Vapors, now offi- as Hot Springs Na- is no trimmer. While Were fortunate in gain- to the Quapaw, he gavel nd explanatory descrip-I Uapaw, as he said, to let l ow and realize just what ] ih class bathing estab- l lot Springs stood for as[ i 'lpful agencies to the i II versed conductor, he es-] from the office desk ieposit boxes, to the to the show- baths and on and Several zones of dry- the comfortable and rest parlors. Then to Ction to interested and led the party to chamber of hor- e cave far below the where a short res the presenc  of a of which gushes of the hottest The cave is would certain- visit in that box." gs Legend tan gave the inter- le discovery of'the I Under the Quapaw Ig story itself is best plet just issued The legend and Found Dale, an aged wan- Was born in 1838 OCCupied by the Qua- the contractor that were excavating a subterrane- back into the base and from of hot water Upon the floor, he riously. Dale had on many occasions anicent Magnesia were razed modern bathing is Story to all who was so rich in that characterizes before De adventur- ey, and found what Le long sought that those Who I aged chronicler built up an im- information he the stories told by of this section." was a geologist Who had lot ted' of fabulous silver mined by expeditions Said his father of an adven- o locate the mines ards. Thus, Dale in .a humble the Quapaw Itole assage which opened from creek, a aver, and wound depths of the Waters, From volumin- In one was the Mecca tribes roam* a radius of loosened rock. The explosive mell were puzzled but proceeded to place more shots. The results were not any better. Finally, after the (ius of one unusually large discharge had cleared aay,,' the workmen found a black opening in the earth yawning up at them. The reason there had been no upheaval of earth following the shots was at once apparent. They had been blasting into a cavity and the loosened rock had been falling into the earth's depths. Gushing Water The obstructions were soon remov- ed, and the men ventured into the rock walled cavern that wound back in an irregular course. At the end there was a larger chamber. There the hot water gushed from the rock ribbed mountain side. The floor of the chamber was covered with a black spongy formation. Story Verified Dale's story was cerified. It was necessary for much of the under. ground passage to be removed to ob- tain solid foundation for the building, but the builder of the Quapaw Baths carefully preserved the Tufa forma- tion that surrounded the Cave, and has reproduced the original as near as possible. The management of the Quapaw Baths invite the pvlic to vslt nls Historic Place. Ehtrance through the Office any time from 8 a. m. to 5 p. m. The water from this celebrated spring is used in the Quapaw Bath House, one of the largest, most sani- tary, and most beautiful bath houses in America, which is operated under II THE LITTLE ROCK , HOME OF Miller Tires "GEARED-TO,THE ROAD" --MILLER Tires are as good tires as can be made. Their wonderful mileage records  right here in Little Rock PROVE that I If you are looking for tire economy, just try MILLERS. Good Auto Supplies --We sell only the highest quality automo- bile accessories, be. cause we know that it does not PAY the auto owner to buy an), other kind. If it comes from Richardson.Miles, it's got to make goodl RICHARDSON- MILES Tire Co. HEADQUARTERS*' Fourth & Louisiana Streets LITTLE ROCK Phone 4-30N THE GUARDIAN strict Government supervision. The Quapaw Bath IIouse is located in the center of Bath-house row on the Hot Springs National Park. Since the completion of the Qua- paw Baths thousands have bathed in these wonderful waters and have been cured, and so we pass the story on, hoping that it nmy lead to the health and happiness of others. A CARD OF TItANKS The following card of thanks re- 'cently appeared in a Kansas paper: "i wish to thank the city authorities $or quarantining my family and me for three weeks recently because one of them had the smallpox. During that time my wife caught up with her sewing; we had three square meals a day, as no one came in and she was not permitted to lave; we enjoyed three weeks of good nights' sleep; and best of all, a cousin with four chil- dren had arranged to visit us, saw the smallpox sign on the (loot, and left town so scared she will never come back again. So for these and other blessings we are very thankful for the quarantine." HAPPY EVER AFTER. Dr. James J. Walsh, dean of the Fordham University Medical School, lecturing recently in Philadelphia, delved into the remote past to show that modern ideas and thoughts which we presume are new in our time are ahnost as old as Chronos itself. He read from a book of 3,300 years ago, in which an "ancient worthy" wrote to his son regarding the treatment of a wife. This worthy said: "Buy her what she wants to eat and buy her all she wants to wear. Thereby shalt Lhou find happiness in thy house." CHECKING UP A colored boy entered a drug store and used the 'phone that was not boothed. He called Mr. Duncan and this is what the boy said: "Is this you, Mistah Duncan?" "Yes." "Well, Mistah Duncan, I saw yo' ad in the paper the other day and you wanted a colored boy. Did you get one ?" "Yes." "Is he giving perfect satisfaction?" "Yes, he is very satisfactory." "Well, Mistah Duncan, provided this heah colored boy don't give you satis- faction, you call me at West 2510." The boy left the 'phone smiling, and s he was passing out the door with a kind "Thank you!" to the clerk, the latter said: "Well, young fellow, that didn't do you any good, did it ? He doesn't know your name." "Yes, sah, he doe%" replied the lad. "You see, I'se the colored boy what's working down there. I'se just checkin' up to see how I stand." I Aml with a big grin on his little] face he left the drug store. A WINTER GUEST A farmer boy says that several y.ears ago a large frog was found near the spring house, and when the door was opened to put the pails of milk in the spring, the frog hopped in also. He quickly hopped out of reach and buried himself in a bed of clay in the darkest corner of the spring house. There remained, in a stupor, neither eating nor drinking, all during the winter, but when spring came he hop- ped off and was not seen again until Jack Frost made his appearance in the fall. When along came Mr. Frog, O. O. SCROGGINS COTTON COMPANY Cotton Exchange Bldg. Little Rock, Arkansas REAVES TRANSFER COMPANY Phones: Main 694, Main 674, Main 713 LITTLE ROCK, ARKANSAS Merchandise, Cotton, Safes, Household Goods and All Kinds of Freight Handled Promptly We Make a Specialty of Handling Pool Cars Reaves' Service means more than most people imagine. Reaves' agent and Reaves' private phones at a}l depots. Inspecting and noting condition of your freight. Seeing that it is handled properly to destination RESPONDS TO THE SPARK IMMEDIATELY Momile Gasoline is so volatile and pure that it ig- nites immediately. This means a clean crank case, more powor, and a decided saving in gas. You'll notice the difference immediately when you begin using Momile Motor Oils The motorists who use MOMILE Motor Oils at all times have a smooth running motor. It does its work under the greatest heat. E. it RUSSELL OIL COMPANY SRVICE STATIONS: Eighth and Louisiana Fifth and Victory Asher Ave. and Pine  and Buckeye, N. L. Ig, Twenty-ine and again made the spring house his winter home. The next fall Dick de- cided to experiment so when Mr. Frog appeared as usual for his wirAer stay, and hopped back to the dark corner as formerly, Dick lifted him from his warm bed of clay and carried him off about a mile and left him by the road- side. About sunset, when Dick went to put the milk in, he found Mr. Frog sitting in front of the door, patiently waiting to be let in to his winter home. NOT SO GOOD An old colored lady was relating her troubles with a worthless husband to the sympathetic minister. "Nothin' doan't seem to do him good," she said, with a sigh. '"Well, sister," said the minister, "have you ever tried heaping coals of fire on his head?" "No, but I've tried pourin' hot wa- ter ovah him and it did no good." RUSHING BUSINESS It happened in the mea store across the way. "Come on, Ed, be lively now," call- ed out Harry. Break the bones in Mrs. White's chops and put Mrs. Katty's ribs in the baske for her." "All right, Harry, old boy, as soon as I have sawed off Mrs. Bollen's leg and weighed Miss Smallie's liver." II- OLDEST PICTURE IN WORLD The oldest known pivtuve in the world is on exhibition in the public museum at Cairo, Egypt. It was found in the tomb of Nefer Maat, at Medum, and is thought by the best au- thorities to have been drawn in the time of the first Egyptian dynasty, about 4400 years before the birth of Christ. The picture shows a flock of six geese. According to one authority who has made a study of birds there are two bean gese, two whitefronted geese and two of the red-breasted va- riety.--Pathfinder. SEE BRICKHOUSE FOR WELDING AND SPRINGS 312 Louisiana Ri, gler's Cake Shop PIES, DELICACIES Phone 4-1027 814 Main Street Little Rock, Arkansas To SAVE Successfully, SAVE Systematically PULASKI BUILDING & LOAN ASSOCIATION of Little Rock, Arkansas W. P. GULLEY, Secretary, 219 West Secand Sheet DIRECTORS--GUS BERTNER, W. P. GULLEY, JAS. LAWSON, A. C. READ, FRED ROSSNER, M. B. SANDERS, J. H. STANLEY, S. L. WHITE OFFICERSGUS BERTNER, President; A. C. READ, Vice Presi- dent; M. B. SANDERS, Vice President; J. H. STANLEY, Treasurer; W. P. GULLEY, Secretary; J. B. WEBSTER, Assistant Secretary; COCKRILL & ARMISTEAD, Attorneys; J. I. TRAWICK, Auditor. Southern Trust Building "telephone 4-0611 Enterprise Lumber Company Sixth and Center Streets , LUMBER SHINGLES SASH, GLASS, ROOFING Detailed Mill Work a Specialty Prompt Deliveries LET US FIGURE ON YOUR BILLs PROMPT SERVICE PHONE 4-0260 i.