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January 6, 1923     Arkansas Catholic
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January 6, 1923

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", .4 Twenty-eight St. Vincent's In "" armary (Continued from page 25) the Catholic Church, and the records also show a' ver large percentage of charity work done by this institution. Thanks are tendered to the many kind friends who have contributed to the advancement of the good work done at the Infirmary. Free Beds and Rooms Among the many ways in aiding the t Sistdrs in their great work of charity is the maintenance of free beds 'and private rooms. A free bed may be maintained in a ward one year for the sum of $300; a private room for $500, a perpetual free bed for $5,000, a per- petual free room for $10j)00. Nurses' Training School The training school for nurses at St. Vincent's, Under the care and di- rection of Ven. Sister Bernarda, is one of the most creditable training schools in the South, sixty nurses being regu- larly in training. An alumnae of 200 members known as the St. Vincent' Alumnae Association is one of the very energetic and active organiza- tions of the city. Nurse Department The Staff organization has adopted the national curriculum for the St. Vincent's School for Nurses, as pre. scribed by the Joint Committee of the three national nursing organizations. This committee represents the Ameri- can Nursing Association, the AmeriJ can League of Nursing Educators and the Public Health Nursing Associa- tion. The course for graduates acquire- Th e organized Staff of St. Vincent's Infirni;ary in committee meet once a month, generally on the first Tuesday. It meets at 5:30 p. m. punctually THE GUARDIAN CHILDREN Ah, what would the world be to us If the children were no more? We Mlould dread the desert behind US, Worse than the dark before. and discusses matter pertaining to the hospitai from 6 p. m. to 7 p. m., new What the leaves are to the forest, matters being referred to proper corn-ItWith light and air for food, It mittees and old matters being report- Ere their sweet and tender juices ed upon by'the various committees lHave bee hardened into wood. | .  a d dmposed of. 2hese staff meetmgs are attended by  the sister superior i i hat to the world are children; and he'r assistants, and the superin-112hrugh them it feels the glow tendent of the training school for Of a bzaghter and sunmer chmate nurses. From 7 p. m to 8 p. m., the That reaches the trunks below staff, including the internes, dine, the hospital providing the dinner for Come to me, Oh my childrenl no And whisper in my ear which each staff member pays a - What the birds and wind are singmg inal sum, in order not to impose an unnecessary expense upon the insti- I In your sunny atmosphere. tution. From 8 p. m to 10 p. m. the staff Ye are better than all the ballads has a scientific program to which the That ever we sung or said; are living poems, And all the rest are dead. Henry W Longfellow. A PARABLE A certain Mr. Maitland, referring to the conversion of Mr. G. K. Chester- ton to Rome, had something to say about the "failure of Christianity." Mr. Chesterton replied very briefly l with and simple. We plain a parable, quote from the Ave Maria: "Mr. Chesterton employed a little illustra- tion: "'My mother tells me not to climb a certain apple-tree to steal apples, sisters and nurses and the medical men in the neighborhood of the hospi- tal are invited. The program consists of a scientific paper by one of the staff members, twenty minutes in length, on a sub- ject announced at the prewous meet- ing. This is thoroughly discussed by the staff members whose suggestions are noted by the essayist. The latter revises his paper and reads it later at an mportant meeting of some medical society whose proceedings are published in the medical journal. It is a by-law to drop from the hospital staff any member who fails to be present at the monthly staff meetings at three successive meetings monte calls for three years of train- without :furnishing a vali d excuse. ' ing, covering the theoretical and prac- ! This plan is insisted upon because tical training in surgical, medical, ob-I a medical man who is not willing to stetrical nursing and the care of sick]give up one evening each month for children. It is required of students the purpose of improving the service that they have at least one year of in his hospital can surely be replaced high school with graduates preferred, to the advantage of the institution of age between 18 and 35 years, of These meetin ...... " -  , g are certam o mcrease good moral character, vouched for by cooperation and are productive of physicians, clergyman and instructor, greater efficiency. "I WILL" "Will you hold this fort ?" asked General Rosecrans of General Pierc( at Stone River. "I will try, General!" "Will you hold this fort?" "I will die in the attempt." "That won't do. Look me in the eye, sir, and tell me, will you hold his position ?" "I will," said General Pierce, and he did. Note how General Rosecrans re- fused to accept "I will try," or even a promise "to die in the attempt," as a satisfactory answer to his question. What he was after was the "I will." Note also the form of his question: "Wi]l you?" not "Will you try," Beware of the "I will try" frame of mind. It is not very far removed from the "I can't" attitude. Cultivate the "I will" habit. Ask yourself each morning: "Will I make good today?" And let your answer be, "I will." How about that bad habit of yours ? The Liguorian. .HEALTH, WEALTH AND FRIENDS Dr. James A. Walsh, .in a paper contributed to The Queen's Work, quotes an English writer as saying: i'There are three great arguments for atheismhealth and wealth and friends. When we have these we do not need God, and it is comparatively easy to persuade ourselves of His non- existence. Should we lose our health and lose our wealth, and therefore, of course, our friends, we are almost sure to come into a state oT mind in which we know that there must be a God." This, says Dr. Walsh, is after all only a drect personal way'of putting the best explanation we have of the mys- tery of suffering and of evil in the " world. MORE NEEDED' John D. Rockefeller took a little girl in Cleveland to ride in his car and after she had comfortbaly seated her- self, he asked her, "Where would you like to go?" "Oh, I don't care," the little miss replied. "Where do you want to go?" "I," Mr, Rockefeller replied with a twinkle in is eyes, "I want to go to heaven." "Oh, Mr. Rockefeller,'" the girl ex- claimed, "I guess you haven't got gas- oline enough to take you there." AN ANCIENT PRESCRIPTION The following curious recipe for the health of the body and the salation of the soul is copied paper which was 1posted on a L.,a convent of Capuchin. friars' /nMeufma: ,: ; the roots of faith, .... 0 the flowers of hope, . Of. the roses of charity, Of the lilies of purity, [ Of,te wormwood of eontrlt/on, J Of the violets of humility, Of the agaric' of eonte ntment. SERVED HER RIGHT. A gentleman wished to make his wife a present of a scarf but had no desire to pay an extravagant price. "I want you to buy a new lace scarf for cousin Amelia," he said to his spouse. "Choose something nice-- something you would get for your- self." The wife, however, had her own ideas as to generosity in buying pres- ents, and the purchase.when she made it consisted of a very simple article. "H'm!" said the husbami, "is that what you would have chosen for your- self ?" "Exactly!" she replied. "Well, my dear, keep it. I meant it for Y0U! '' he explained, with an amiable smile. BETTER CHURCH GOER "lhey' had a quarrel, the dollar and the penny. The penny had a bright clean face, while the dollar was dirty I and proud. "You think you are gold because you are bright, but you are only cheap brass," said the dollar. "I am what I am ,and claim to be no more," mildly replied the penny. The dollar swelled up with pride. "I am patriotic. I am trustworthy. I have the emblem of Liberty on my bosom and the Government thinks so well of me that it labeled rde 'In God we trust.' ;' "I grant all of that," said the pert- ny; "but I go to church oftener than you do." The dollar hung its head in shame. I , Buy Your Groceries From C0X' CASH STORES Little Rock, Ark. l p and I do it in spite of her. A bough] breaks, a bull dog pins me by the throat, a policeman takes me to pris- on, whence shake my head reproachfully at my mother, and say in a sad and medita- tive manner: "I had hoped Ietter things of you." "'Alas, therre is something pathetic about this failure of motlmrhood to influence the modern mind; I fear we must all admit that maternity as an institution is barren and mus be abandoned altogether!' " FAMIL Y REUNIONS At the Battle of Murfreesboro, the army of the North was led by two Catholic officers, General Rosecrans, and his chief of staff, Colonel Ga. reecho. When, in the course of the battle, word came that'the right wing was being driven back, and dire disas- ter was imminent, Colonel Garesche rushed to the front to save the day. Into a scene of confusion, through disorganized lines and retreating troops rode he and General Rosecrans. As they passed into the exposed ground, a soldier asked an. orderly: "Who ai:e those officers. '' "Rosecrans and his chief," was the answer. "Well," said the soldier, "if they can go out there, we can follow." So they did. Tim men caught en- thusiasm from the mere sight of the brave Colonel, reformed their ranks, and drove the enemy from the frielct It is the old story--words teach, but example fairly drags us on. If you wish those committed to your charge to lead good lives, be not satisfied with reminding them of their duties, with warning them against tempta- tions, but show them how--lead the I eventually return to way. During the summer months it is customary in many families to hold a big reunion. Grandparents, fathers and mothers, uncles and aunts, and innumerable children spend a day to- gether; and whi'le the children romp and play games the ohler people talk ROSE CITY MEAT MARKET G. P. KORDSMEIER HIGH GRADE BEEF, LAMB, VEAL PORK AND POULTRY PHONE 4-3095 1316 MAIN ST. W. H. DUKE, PHOTOGRAPHER 622Vz Main St. LITTLE ROCK, ARK. Phone 4-4127 Our Motto: "BETTER WORK FOR LESS MONEY" of old times and of their plans and It is plain to see where the blame ambitions for their little ones. Last, or the failure lies. but not least, is the great feast; chicken and sandwiches and cake and LEAD THE WAY fruit and peanuts and candy and lem- onade and ice cream in inexhaustible quantities. No doubt such reunions are a source BRACY BROS. HARDWARE COMPANY I --A complete line of Foot-ball, Basket-ball and Gymnasium Equipment. Special prices to teams on complete outfits. Wright & Ditson, Victor Co., and Goldsmith's guaranteed Sporting Goods. BRACY BROS. HARDWARE COMPANY 510 Main Street l-- @ [] [] [] I' of much pleasure--a faint, taste of the great reunion V place in heaven, some All Sai: when--the last of our loved oneSl ered in--we will have a union that will last for all God grant that not one r ing on that day! SURE SIGN Little Agnes was in high meat; a baby brother had the scene. She spread the throughout the neighborhood, added, "He is going to stayp had all his things off." 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