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January 6, 1923     Arkansas Catholic
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January 6, 1923

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J rilE PRICE--A STORY "! a shade of condescension miracle that we should have met like Gilson's greeting of her one- this, 1 have been thinking of you all friend and cinfidante, but Netta morning, wanting indeed praying-- did not let it affect in the to sed you." very apparent pleasure in "Praying?" Lind laughed. A shade fell on the brightness of meeting. Since the parting the face before her, but the brave eyes i Ways there had come to the that looked into her cynical ones xere I atae and the worldly advantages reproachful and was it possible?--a I the career of a popular Ibit compassionate. to tile other only the lesser "My prayer has been answered, yo]J of the lowlier worker in the see. What made me think of you was this: I have been interested for some the attainment of her ambi- time in a young girl at the Mercy had sacrificed that which Rescue Home, and yesterday she told breath of life to Netta, so me the story of her life'." o envy of the successful A flush came into Netta's pale u] elegance in the clear I cheeks and she hesitated as if seeking plainly clad young toiler. ]inspiration for her next words. Lind hrases of delight at their twaited , puzzled, distrustful. :h a breathless i.ntensity of "It is a story that I would give Which elevated the eye-lyears of my life to have you hear. "l quondam friend. You--you---there is mal erial in it that it nothing short of a would be of infinite value to you." WILL TERRY, PRESIDENT Terry Dairy Company EIGHTEENTH AND SCOTT STREETS LITTLE ROCK, ARK. aaUfacturers of Pure Ice Cream and "erry's Red Rose Butter. Wholesale and retail dealers in pasteurized ilk, cream and dairy products. We have the largest, most modern and saaitalT plant in the State, and our motto is ','Purity." We make special individual ice cream OUlds in appropriate design for all social e are the largest buyers in the South of eara for butter making, and request alel to write us for information. We Y cash daily for cream shipments. Yfhen in need of anything in our line, write o, Phone us. ::Terry Dairy Co. Box 805, Little Rock, Ark.  lhnes 4-0982 add 4-0983 L.D. 20 Eighteenth and Scott Streets i ed out of their dark depths. She could see that they had been sweet and bright and happy, but they woul,t never be that again. Tears of re- pentance had washed away the bitter- ness md tile hardness, but death must close them forever before they could regain anything of their lost heritage] of joy. l,ina murmured an apolgy for com- ing ut so late an hour, mentioning Netta's name. "You are a friend of Miss Casser- ly? A friend of hers is welcome at any hour. She has been very kind to me." "It would be hard not to be kind to you, you are so very lovely." The girl's ,lark brows contracted, a painful expression indicated that the compliment was distasteful. '"I am sure that wouht not make any difference with her," she said slowly. "She found me poor and sick and friendless, and she (lid for me all that a noble woman might do for a little lost sister of her own. But she has done the same thing for many other girls, so it was not because I made any special appeal to her. I have heard such splendid things of her ,since I've been here--things you culd never get her to tell about herself." The simplicity and candor of this lovely Agatha Crane appealed to Lind even more than her beauty. She felt moved to emulate it--piqued a bit, too, perhaps, by the girl's praise of Netta. "I cannot let you go on thinking that I am a dear friend of Miss Cas- serly's---we had not seen each other for years until this morning. We "were constant companions at school and T H E G U A R D I A N ' Twenty-seven Lind's rather soulless laugh rang  '"Fell me about this book, dear. Was fix showing dimly on the white wall. helping in her brave work." out. lit so very dreadful?" She leaned over t Ou the other side, when she turned And Lind, who a few short hours "You were always impulsive, Netta, land straightened the ruffled pillows from that, was the Good Shepherd, a before had been self-satisfied, proud and time has not improved you. But and lifted Agatha up a little so she toucidng picture of the compassion- of many things, was grateful for why not utilize this rich find your- could talk with more ease. I ate Christ with His lost lamb in His nothing so much as for the kiss of self? Why this passionate desire to "it wasn't dreadful at all--that was arms. forgiveness from a humble, repentant hand ovel"to one consigned to the in- the cleverness of it. It was full of] She felt Agatha's cohl hand on'hers, si|mer.--Auna Cecilia, Doyle, in The ner circle of God-forsaken sinners, life and joy---no, not joy--gaiety, andl "Are you going, Miss Gilsont Magnificat. this sacred history of a rescued soul? the kind of gaiety that I have found am sorry that I made you feel so It might prove edifying to some of lto be just noise. 1 have found to be iba,lly" l never spoke of that to any your pious admirers." just noise, sounds to drown the cries one except to Miss Casserly yesterday. "It is too big for me," Netta said of anguish that the world must not I don't know what nmde me. I was simply. "You alone could brirfg to it  hear. It told you things without quite thinking just now what a power for the genius to comprehend, its lights  telling them and you wondered if you gotxl a book" might be, since one can - - - anti shades. I hope with all my heart I knew them and you wanted to know be such an influence for evil. I am that you will not let the opportunity more. A laughing sneer ran through sure your stories are like that, help- pass." it, making all the good safe things ful and good and uplifting." PLNING OUR Something in Netta's eyes haunted seem chihiish and foolish. There was I With a strangled sob Lind sank to Lind for hours. It would give her no the sparkle of wine in its brilliant n- her knees. "HUMAN SVICE" peace. The strangeness of Netta,s'tences, and its characters did and said "My dear, O my (lear, will you try words--"a story that I would give such clever and wonderful things un-lt[) forgive me? They are not good When you buy building material )'ears of my life to have you hear 'der the exhilirating intlu(inc6 of wine they are like that first one--all of from us you get more than the actual that would be of infinite value to you" that l, who wanted more than any- them." lumber, shingles, roofing, paint, etc,- -came between her and her work. thing else to do clever and brilliant I "You meanyou cannot mean you yon get a sglendid service for which She could not read for puzzling over things, began to blush for my prudish- wrote that 'Birds of Paradise?' " we make no charge. We SERVE them. Could this terrible earnestness hess. Oh, perhaps no one else of all "May the good God forgive you '' when we SELL. of utterance be a natural outgrowth the thousands who read that book was she said softly after awhile. " In tile first place, we quote you of Netta's school-girl intensity?" so weak and so easily influenced as prices in iigures that yon can under- To be rid of the irritation of the in- I, but for me it opened a door, anti She lay with closed eyes and Lind stand--not mea'nmgfess "\\; prices which cident she-decided to visit this girl I looked through, timidly at first, but thought she would not speak to her make it hard for you to know the at the Rescue Home--her story she i full of curiosity about many things again dud got up to go away. But the total cosl. We furnish good sound told herself, would doubtless prove that it made fascinating md of wha, wide, tired eyes opened and smiled at malerials: we deliver promptly, so commonplace .enough. She arrived'existence 1 had known nothing until her, and Lind's heart was wrung for your labor won't have to wait on late in the afternoon but. as a friend ithen. I took one step down the shim- the quenched glory of them. YOUR time for wbich on pay; we "I think 1 could die happy if you furnish free 1finns on bungalows, etc.; of Miss Casserly, was admitted. The mering pathway to see what lay on young woman she sought was in the either side, and hands grasped me and would promise me never to write a we hel9 finane homes; we help our infirnmry, drew me on. And then it was too book like that again. Will you prom- customers secure com!)etemt labor, When IAna locked down at the late. 1 couldn't find the way back. ise me? Is it askinr too much?" and there arc other phases of this white face upon the pillow she was There was nothing for me but to "l do promise you! And I will do H[ MAN SERVICE, the fame of startled at i'.s wonderful beauty. Even dance down to death on the way my all I can to help Netta undo the harm which is extending even throughout before the great eyes opened she feet had strayed." that has been done--atone for it by the State. knew that they were very sorrowful ; A hectic flame burned in either The next time you need anything in It was indeed Sadness itself that look-! cheek, our line simply ,'all by or call, up "O my (lear, you shouldn't have -][' THE IAtMBER STORE. What do toht me! And I shou'.dn't have let  you nod now? yOU." Lind's haughty, self-complacent MECHANICS' calmness was shaken to th@ depths. 711-714 Southern Trust She knew now why she was here. But LUMBER C0. she must know beyond a doubt. Uo S. LIBERTY BONDS "Th Z,,,,,,,," Co,,,, Tt' "The name of the book? What was Human,'" it?" " 'Birds of Paradise.' An innoeent U.S. TREASURY CERTIFICATES EUGENE hi. PFEIFER, Sect'y-Mgr, name enough, was it not?" AND NOTES Phone 4-0504 or 4-0503 A blaze of hot anger against Netta The Lumber Number for sending her here dried Lind's tears as the), threatened to fall and betray Listed and Unlisted Stock her. Was she responsible for every ,weakling who attempted to imita.e Bought, Sold and Quoted the characters in her books ? Must she employ her talents in depicting only S  the .,rmght-laced and decorous, devi- I , ate not at all from the goody-goody ]subjects ' that satisfied Netta and her kind?  ] MAKE US ' Then her eyes fell upon the spent I forn upon the bed, on the white, beau- tiful face where Death's gray shad.w YOUR FAMILY DRUG STORE i rested, and she was ashamed andl humbled and afraid. She looked away[ to hide the tears that suddenly hired-I At "The Drug Store of Personal Service" you will ed her and her eyes fell upon a eruci- / always be accorded interested, courteous attention. M'CLER00N'S "The Drug Store of Personal Service" Main at Seventh Phone 4-0576 ] PHOTOGRAPHER ' ' 1 120 Main Sreet i Federal Bakery Bring this ad to our Studio afterwards, until Netta began to dis- i and receive $5.00 discount on 712 Main Street approve of me." I "Disapprove of you?" What awful all photographs amounting Phone Main 4-0913 Little Rock, Ark. thing did you do that gentle Miss! to $10.00 or over. Casserly could find bad enough to he l harsh about? But there--I did not l ...... "But I shall. Your interest was quite natural. Netta was very cordial when'  we met this morning. Perhaps she has found she was wrong and is inclined to be more lenient toward what she  once regarded as a capital crime. You see I wrote a book that was not at all i to her liking. I can hear her yet pleading with me not to try to pub- lish it. You would not have thought her gentle then. When every argu- ment failed to shake my determination not to waste the result of so much thought and labor, she turned on me in a passion 'Suppose it should send souls to hell?' she cried. 'Are you willipg to pay a price like that?' Crude and absurd, wasn't it? But I was right not to listen to her--that bcok made my name and fortdne." "I think that must be why she men- tioned you to me yesterday, We were talking about books and I told her that it was a book, an evil, fascinatin8 story, that led to my first false step?' "And she told you she knew a wo- man who wrote that kind of books?" Lind'S laugh was not exactly pleas.  ant. "Oh, no, no. She said only that you were gifted and very successful and that she would like to have you come to see me. It was kind of you to come --here." A sudden presentiment, a vague ag- itation, a something she knew not what, impelled Lind to instant fight. But an uncontrollable desire to learn why Netta so wished her to know this girl's history held her. 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