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January 6, 1923     Arkansas Catholic
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January 6, 1923

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ON PUBLIC OWNERSHIP IS GIVEN BY DR. JOHN A. RYAN T H E G U A R D I A N re Twenty-three ....................................................................................................................................................................... ---r- .............. , A GRAIN OF SAND IRISH WILL CURB sel, drink by retail are, in Belfast at: CHOOSING A HUSBAND all events, Catholics. If the fore- "Mother! Mother. There's some- thing in my eye! Please take it out, quick!" Flossy came hurrying to her mother as she put her arm around the chiht. "I don't know; it's an awful big thing; the wind blew it in nly eye a minute ago." The mother examined the afflicted t ? eye carefully, but could find nothing. except tears. "I don't see anything in it, derie." UE SYSTEM IS NOT TO CATHO- LIC TEACHING 0Waer public utilities opposed to Catholic So- according to the Rev. Ryan, D.D., of the De- Action of the Na- warrant for the assertion that public ownership of public utilities is in any sense opposed to Catholic social teach- ing. Democratic Operation "As he Catholic Church has noth- ing o say against public ownership, so she has nothing to say concerning the form of operation under public own- ership. The State may itself operate] "But it's there, mother; please get a public utility which it owns, such ha lit out.. It makes me so uncomfort- the railroads, or may delegate the !able." business of operation to the workers "., s . " ] The mother looked again. Then she m ne industry, or may share thebathed tile hurt eye with warm water operation with them. It may be said,!and told Flos;y to keep it closed for however, that the Catholic social tradi- [a time; but the poor eye did not get lion favors operation by the workers, i any better. Something was in it rather than operation by the State.]something as big as a marble, Flossie the guild system which grew up in thought. ' the Middle Ages under the fostering t "Well, Flossie, I think we had bet- care of the Church was a system Of]re r go to Dr. Wright and see what he small private oneshlp and private ,, " " "'" " ' can do, said the mother, after trying operatiofi. The transformation of the everything she coud think of for the serfs into practically joint owners with relief of her little (laughter. Dr., Wright was the good doctor Flossy loved, and she stood very quiet- ly with her face in the light as he kept her eyelid open. "Ah!" aid the doctor, and in all in- stant he held his instrument toward her. "Here it is." "Where?" asked the mother. "I don't see anything." "I don't either," said Flo,sy, "but DRINK TRAFFIC IN NORTH AND SOUTH (By N. C. W. C. News Service) Dublin.--Legislation with the object of restricting the drink traitic is being strongly urged both in the South and North. Rev. Father Laurence, O. S. F. C., Pt'si(lent of tile Father Mathew Hall, ])ublin, in the course of a lec- ture on tile temperance lnovenlent, asked how ninny people l,ealized the shadowed legislation affected them alone there would be very little pro- test or objection. Rather would the scheme be encouraged. Belfast. I)istillers in Opposition But the big brewers and distillers in the Six Counties, who are all Prot- estants, realize th:t their own inter- ests are involved. They are foremost in denouncing the Belfast Govern- ment. According as the Protestants in the North become divided on this and other issues, the Catholics must bene- fit by attaining greater influence. If the Free State Constitution is full 01caning of the fact that there adopted by the British Parliament, the were in h'eland 17.000 licensed retail 'Southern Parlianlent will have power hou'.e:. The inhuman drink traffic, he to legislate. One of its first bills will said. had .eaten itself into the very vi- be a measure dealing with the licens- tals of the nation, tie had great ing laws. It is expected that sweep- hopes that it wouhl be one of the chief ing changes will be made in regard to ('.are: of the new government to deai i the hours within which saloons may adequately with th.e dri||k problem, be kept open and also the condition The nominal fines inflicte(l by nlagis- under which the drink trade is to be trates ['o|' drunkenness manifested a conducted. graw dereliction of duty. II The drunkard was a robber, nlur- deter and self-made lunatic. He rob- bed his wife affd children of the very necessaries of life and murdered their bodies by his inhunmn treatment. What was worse he murdered their souls by his evil example. Licensed clubs were now almost as much resi)onsible for drunkenness as public houses. Restrictive l.egisl'ation Probable. One thing gifts may be sure of, that the young men who make the best sons and brothers will make the best husbands. Young men may be equally sure that girls who are the best daughters and' sisters will be ihe best wives. If a young mfin, before he is married; is destitute of those affec- tions and principles which come out in filiant obedience, courtesy, and a controlling sense of duty, he will be equally destitute of them after he is married. The mere fact of wedlock will not change the fundamental prin- ciples of his nature, He will be es- sentially the ame human being after marriage-or, at least, after the hon- eymoonthat he was before it, The same principles hold true with regard to women. She who is selfish and vain and idle and deceitful as a-girl, Will be pretty apt to be the curse of tho man who marries her. PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTISERS R Welfare Council, who before the Public League of Chicago. Church has nothing to public ownership and concerning the forn of I r public ownership, de- ! n, who made favorable[ the Plumb Plan of rail-'1 E in part: of the Catholic as an econoInlC not religious, but moral. It it is based entirely and human welfare. t Pope Leo XIII Socialism are drawn of the working- as an individual, and a family. The attitude toward other economic toward such a modifica- Present systenl as public likewise rests upon con- of human welfare. There no specific religious issue. to the Rev. F. W. Graf- : 'We Catholics must allow extent to which the State the means of produc- and exchange is by the extent to which be economically for the ]Peter Finlay, S.J., de- is nothing ir Cath- to State or as we have just He refers not only to but to mines and Poland, S.J., says: is radically ntis- it is made the stand for ownership of ] Utilities. If that were] then Socialism exists] thee is a civil conmmnity.' Michael Cronin, D. Science of Ethics,' 'There is no country Public ownership of capi- obtain to .some degree, .thinks of accusing these injustice or wrong of the industrieVs which may become for State ownership the mines, and the the lords represented the same tend- ency toward widely distributed private ownership and operation. Pope Leo XIII declared that the State should multiply property owners. Individual ownership by the masses is the Cath- olic economic system if any economic system can properly be so called. In- dividual operation of industry makes the worker interested in his work, and protects him against autocratic ex- ploitation. Favors Plumb Plan. "One who is acquainted with the traditional social teachings of the Church instinctively favors the Plumb Plan of railway operation, rather than immediate operation by the State. Such a person realizes the opportuni- ty for individual development and in- dividual control of one's own life and enviromnent which are inherent in the Plumb Plan, and ho fears the bureaucracy and the danger to indi- vidual freedom and initiative which seems to be inherent in State opera- tion. A LESSON By Charles J. Mullaly, S.J. Weak, ill of health, I passed a shat- tered tree, Its verdant boughs full ripe with winged seed. Disheartened, lol its lesson I can heed-- A shatetred frame may still God's toiler be. PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTISERS J. H. PRITCHARD LUMBER COMPANY MANUFACTURERS OF ALL CLASSES OF MILL WORK Dealers in my eye does not hurt any longer." It is evident that the new govern- "It's just a tiny speck of sand," re- ment in North and South will both Lumber, Shingles, Composition Roofing and Glass plied the doctor; "too small to see un-i take steps to restrict the drink traffic less you know where to look for it."iand to impose stringent restrictions Some (lays after Flossy was fidget-iupn licensed premises. In the North TELEPHONE 4-0660 . ing about the rooul where her mother a movement in support of prohibition was sewing, It was rainy weather has spnmg up. An announcement has Office and Yard, 824 Thayer Ave. LITTLE ROCK, ARKANSAS out of doors and Flossy was in a bad been made by Sir Janles Craig that humor; nothing pleased her. J licensing legislation will be introduced ,, I i i "Please don't I, lossy, said herlnext year i " U mother, over and over aga n. Yo [ A combined meeting (ff representa-IIII make me v.ery uncomfortable. If you l tires f different branches of the li-[ don't stop worrying lyou must go quor trade was held at Belfast to pro- away by yourself." test against the proposed legislation. Flossy sail down by the window It was denied that any mandate had pouting. In a little while her face been given to the Belfast Parliament brightened, and she came to her moth- fat the election to introduce and pass Compliments of er and put a little soft kiss on her a teetotal nleasure. It was decided to cheer, l form an Anti-Prohibition Council. E.A. POE Sir James Craig has replied to the "I'm like that grain of sand, mother, don't you think so ?" she said. protest by stating that what was pro- HUB CLOTHING COMPANY "What do you mean?" posed was an amendment of the licens- "I'm not very big but I make peo- ing laws. This wrangle betw.een the northern Little Rock, Ark. pie very uncomfortable when my tem- per gets in the wrong place. I love distillers, brewers and 'saloon keepers you, mother, I love you truly, and I and the northern government, may in would not hurt you as that sand did the end be an advantage to the Catho- for anything. The sand could not lies. A large proportion of those who help itself, but I can, and I will, right NNNNfNNNNNNNNNN! away." @ Mail Orders Given Special Attention FARRIOR'S ARMY GOODS STORE ' "l o H =m IM.PERIAL LAUNDRY OPERATING THE New Way System Doctrine. laid down in the qt/o- Father Graftbn, is Perhaps the doc- a more fundamental proposition of 'Whenever the gen- th r any particular class reatened with injury ao other way be met or the duty of the public sufficiently sweep- clear, so far as of nolities or clear. All *.he diffi- practical application. PUblic utilities, the ques- must be whether the econbmic evils are so great that met in no Public ownership. this question, there are to be differences of Catholics, as well as "Persbns, but there is no refill 211 blAIN STREET TELEPHONE 8843 LITTLE ROCK, ARK. MORRIS-TERRELL DRUG COMPANY DRUGGISTS Fifth and Louisiana Streets, Little Rock, Ark. Phones: 4-0307--4-0308 THE QUICKEST SERVICE THE HIGHEST QUALITY ii i ii J i I 1 t ] 0 I i, MAX MAYER, President CLAUDE SHARPE, Vice-President J. B. STONE, Vice-President S. P. SCOTT, Secretary-Treasurer Scott-Mayer Commission Co. WHOLESALE DISTRIBUTORS OF FRUITS, PRODUCE AND GROCERIES Phones 4-1720--4-2401 Eleventh and Main Sts. "IMPERIAL SERVICE" EXCLUSIVE AGENTS FOR GENEVA, PRATT-LOW AND HOME PLATE BRANDS OF IIIGH-GRADE CANNED GOODS AND FOOD PRODUCTS Myron B. Lasker TRY PLATT-LOW BRAND FRUIT SALAD LITTLE ROCK AND HOT SPRINGS, ARK. "We Search the Markets of the World for Good Things to Eat"