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January 6, 1923     Arkansas Catholic
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January 6, 1923

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Page Twenty-two THE GUARDIAN DECLINE IN BIRTHS CAUSING CHICAGO OFFICIAL CONCERN (By N. C. W. C. News Service) Chicago, Ill. -- Chicago sociol$ gists were given something to think about during the week by the report fi'om official circles that, dur- ing the year, births have declined 1,- 066, and that marriages" had dropped off 604 from the corresponding period i last year, and this in the face of a I constantly growing number of di-] vorces. Dr. Bundensen, Chicago health com- missioner, held th/t the cause of the fewer births was the fewer marriages. He rejected the claim that the birth control propaganda was responsible for the falling off. "Religion hasn't fallen to a plane where people in wholesale numbers re- fuse to have families," he said. "The fact is that Women now do the select- ing, although of course they do not do the asking. But woman is no onger in a positiem,f dependency. She no long- er is afraid of being an old maid at 23 or 24, and therefore is not con- strained to marry the first one who asks her. She refuses to marry any Tom, Dick and Harry that comes along, secure in her ability to make an excellent living for herself, until she finds a.mate suitable." Dr. Bundensen reports from the ma- Jority of large cities throughout the country," he said. "A reaction against hasty and i11. advised marriages," was the analysis of Superintendent of Schools, Peter A. Mortenson, who excepted from his conclusions the recent epidemic of school boy and girl elopements in and about Chicago. "There were many hasty marriage during the war," he said. "They were the result of the romance of war, and when the couples came down to the bedrock of practical life, they found marriage and the rearing of children s hardship for which they were un- prepared. "'These instances have been a warn- ing to other young people, and as a ra- sult they delay marriage until they have secure financial prospects. Ex- cept in the cases of a few impetuous adolescents, men and women generally are coming to regard marriage with seriousness and hesitancy." i J i HEART OF CHILD IS TOUCHED BY POPE'S APPEAL (By N. C. W. C. News Service Washington, D. C.Twenty-five cents and the enclosed letter writ- ten in a ehilish scrawl, has been received by the director of the Na- tional Catholic Welfare Council News Service as a result of the publication pf he Holy Father's appeal for the starving in Russia: Dear Sir: I have read in the N. C. W. C. the Holy Father's appeal in behalf of the famine stricken Europe and it made me very sorry to think of the poor lit- tle children starving and would like to help them. I will give what I can to help them. I am going to be a nurse as soon as I come out of school and if my Aunt will let me I am going to be a relief worker and go to Russia. I hope you will receive mY small offering kindly for it is very small. I am, with real sympathy for the poor Russian children. Mary. P. S,---I love children very much, but I haven't any brothers or sisters/' The envelope bears the postmark of Westwood, Ohio:* In computing bootlegging profitl, those of the undertaker must not be owrlooked.Marion Star. JANE'S TEACHER "Who is Jane's teacher?" we asked of the mother of a charming little 8- ear-old girl. The other mentioned her name and then together we per- formed some arithmetic problems to prove that "teacher" was only one of Jane's many instructors and that her teaching hours were less than those of some of the others. Suppose,, we said, that Jane sleeps from 7 o'clock until 7, then in a year he has 4,380 waking hours--and only 1,000 of those hours are spent in school during the year--what of the 3,380 hours remaining? Who is teach- mg Jane then? She is certainly learning. Sometimes her playmates are her teachers, with lessons some- times helpful, sometimes harmful. The father's teaching hours are limited to Sundays and holidays with an occas- ional evening hour; the Sunday school teacher may get twenty-five hours a year, but, of course, the real teacher is mother. Everyday of the year she teaches her little daughter; even dur- ing the child's sickness the lessons continue, lessons of patience, gentle- hess and self control. ]Ttutaaa. CLEVELAND tboy horn in the backwoods of Ameri- university morse richly endowed than ca might become president of the any university in the world. AUDIENCE S rlRRE9 United States. For nineteen hundred I Protection of Home years the Church has been saying to[ "The Catholic Church renders the BY FR. CAVANAUGH world that the poorest boy born world a service of incomparable value m any corner of the world may sit in the protection of the home. 1 do Orator at Diamond Jubilee Exercises Pictures Church as Mother of Lib- erty. (By N. C. W. C. News Service) Cleveland, Ohio.--ln the presence of an audience of 13,000 persons gathr I ercd in the new Public Hall, Cleve-] land's largest auditorium, Roy. John I Cavanaugh, former pregident of Notre [ Dame University, delivered the princi- t pal address at the evening function of the all-day program held in observ- ance of the seventy-fifth anniversary I of Cleveland the establishment in 1847. of the diocese of Some of Father Cavanaugh's more striking statements in an address of a full hour were: SELF Outside of daily labor, our relations with other persons cannot be happy until Self is forgotten. Shyness and embarrassment arise from Self-con- sciousness; rudeness and irritability from selfishness; resentment and envy are the fruits of self-love. All happy, human intercourse depends upon the putting of Self in the back- groundand keeping it there. The closest personal joy in life love for those nearest and dearest to us, can be fully enjoyed only by the forgetting of Self and considering others first and foremost. It is because of the continual in- trusion of Self that so many homes lose their happiness and become abodes of discord and suffering. Self must be abdicated before any joy worth the keeping can be gained. This renunciation of Self sounds hard; it looks like a blank wall; but in reality it is God's Gate into human happi- ness.The Michigan Catholic, Detroit. Crosses are ladders which lead to heaven. Jl| . i What the Popes Checked "Critics of the church have accused the Popes of interfering in the poli- tics of the world. There is a sense in which the accusation is just; there .never was a despotism seeking to de- grade men into slavery but that the church interferedto destroy it; there never was a tyrant reveling in slavery and fuhninating against human liber- ty, but the Popes went forth to check his evil course. That is the meaning of the long struggle between Popes and emperors. Catholic Bishop and Magna Charta "The constitution of the United States is based upon the Magna Char- ta of England, and that great charter of human liberty was wrung from a brutal tyrant by the barons of Eng- land under leadership of a Catholic bishop. "Today, here in this diocese of Cleveland, as everywhere throughout America and the world, the Catholic Church is still the bulwark of free and impartial justice and the mother of the liberties of men. Ali On Equal Terms "The Church has proclaimed to,the. millionaire and the mendicant that they kneel in equal humbleless around its confessional and approach the communion table on equal terms, with folded hands and downcast eyes. "For 150 years the United States has said to the world that the poorest WALRUS SODA FOUNTAINS WIITE ICELESS We are Arkansas distributors of the Walrus White Icelcss Soda Fountains and can supply them promptly. Send for catalogue, or talk to our traveling salesmen, l]est for sanita- tion and refrigeration. All lengths. Cash or terms. CONCENTRATED SYRUPS AND CRUSHED FRUITS C. J. UNCOLN COMPANY Little Rock, Arkansas , , , , W. H. JARRETT K|-qt,|J[,_J. : 4, P. B. GAINES QUALITY AND SERVICE Telephones 4-30414.3042 Corner 15th and Main Little Rock, Ark. l i J i i SUPER EXCELLENT CHOCOLATES MADE BY LOUIS SCHNEIDER @ THE GUS BLASe COMPANY AND THE CHOCOLATE HOT SHOP 414 MAIN upon the throne of the vapacy. Sacredness of Authority "The Church refuses today and will ever continue to refuse to recognize as a good Catholic any citizen of the United States who is not a good Am- erican. 're the anarchist she declares float tile foundation of the republic, like the foundation of the Church, rests upon the recognition of the sa- credness of authority. To the revolu- tionist, and the murderer, she declares that human life is as sacred today as it was when the fulmination went forth from Mount Sinai, thousands of years ago, 'Thou shalt not kill.' .lother and Guardian of Liberty "The Church is the mother and guardian of liberty, and likewise the friend and benefactor of educ'ation. She knows that a school which ex- cludes religion froa its curriculum is a fragmentary and imperfect school, that a program which imparts instruc- [ tie about every subject in the uni-[ verse except the Almighty Ruler of] the universe is a faulty and defective] program. hool ,Support "We do earnestly desire that a way may be found in which spiritual train- ig may go hand in hand with mental culture, but until the American peo- ple find a way to solve their problem the schools as they arc must be gen- erously supported. "The parish schools cost us fifty millions a year, and if we could save that money and divert it to higher ed- ucation we could establish each year I[ Get It At DAWSON'S Fifteenthand Main Sts Phones 4-1401--4-1402 TilE CATCH Two men were and one said: "1 v,,ill ask yOU tion, and if I cannot answer I not deny that in some respects Catho- question I will buy the lic homes have suffered as well as lYU ask a question, andff others in these disordered days, but, i not answer your own, thank GOd, there is oe evil that has] tickets." The other agreed not yet been tolerated among us. "Well," the first man sid, There was a day not so long ago when the pagan empire of Japan was pre- eminent among the nations of the world for the number of its divorces, but that melancholy distinction has also now passed to America." We shall d well to make this resolution: Never to think any good action too slight o be worth prac- ticing, too mean to offer as a sacri-, rice to Almighty God. % tl rabbit h)les ? HoW the-so holes without around them?" The "I don't know. That's so answer it yourself." The winked and replied: "They the bottom and dig up!" the second man, "how the bottom to begin?" question," was the first der. "Answer it yourself." man bought the ticket." The ,F'REIDERI RESIDIN'rlAL HOTEL The place for your wife, mother, sister- A Hotel of Character RESERVATIONS FOR TRANSIENTS  : GUS BERNIERo Owner-Manager Capitol Ave. & Gaines Street II . E. C. I)ALRYMPLE, Manager W. M. HANEY & COMPANY Board of Commerce Bldg. Buyers and Exporters of Little Rock, ALL GRADES AND STAPLES OF ARKANSAS COTTON Local Phone 4-1268 PR 0 TE C PROGRE , $ The Ancient Order of United Is a Home Institution FOR THE PROMOTION OF HIGHER IDEALS FRATERNALLY, SOCIALLY, EDUCATION ALLY AND RELIGIOUSLY I GROWTH OF A GREAT ORDER The A. O. U. W. of Arkansas occupies the strongest position of any fraternal beneficiary order in the State. It has won the merited esteem of the people of Arkansas because of its fair dealings, its steady and substantial growth, its consistent support of all movements and agencies that are designed for the welfare of the commonwealth and the prompt- ness with which all of its obligations are met, In the last five years more than half a ilion dollars has been paid the beneficiaries of its deceased members." It owns two large modern office buildings in Little Rock and has assets valued at more than half a million dollars, all of which is a guarantee back of every certificate of insurance issued to its members. There is a membership of over 12,000 which it is confidently expected at the present rate of increase will reach 15,000 by January 1. There are 150 subordinate lodges, some of the smaller ones having been re- cently consolidated. By November 1, 1923, every dollar of the Order's obligations will have been paid and other imvrovements and extensions will be authorized. Reports to be made to tle Grand Lodge show 143 deaths for the biennial period, a percentage of only seven per thousand. which is a much lower average than that of many other insurance organizations. L FINANCIALLY FIRM AS BIG ROCK II II I I t.-I F_ A ! t.JA ::-F F_.F: A.O.U.L BUILDING blTT]L.I FOCK. AIFIK. dOHN R. FIAZ E I:, Long