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Arkansas Catholic
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January 6, 1923     Arkansas Catholic
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January 6, 1923

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'Phone 4-i009 i NEWYORK SHOE SHOP =i 703:Main St., Ground Floor i Little Reek,.Ark.., t Ill i ii I ART OF HOME MAKING THE GUARDIAN ture is like a poem, it belongs to the and liberty that we now experience generation and is to belooked at and and without whic.h life wouhl be un- en" " There is a remarkable, and at, the joyed. Applying the hand in use- bearab/e; do away with the churches ful and artistic work in the family and these things pass away. same time, very deplorable tendency circle, was likewise once a factor in "Therefore as all individuals re-q to be observed in American life today. it is that of breaking away from the home-building. Drawin painting, ccive uncalcu]able benelits from the I home, of seeking joy and relax- sketching and clay modeling, hold out churches and as many individuals nev- I ation and comfor etfiefly in many opportunities more refined, a er contribute to the maintenance of I agencies which are inimical to the place worth while for making the the churches directly there can be] home lovely, where the old folks glad- nothing:unfair in making them contri- preservation of the home-spirit and of ly rest and where the children tind bute indirectly by exepting churches I the good, happy amily life of old. This wild desire of plunging into all I their greatest delight and pleasure, from ta.xation." the new and frivolous pastimes and I Loss to ]'amily pleasures provided by nmdern civili- What makes this decay of home life A GOOD TURN ELECTEI) HIM zation has infected both young and o pitiable from the Catholic point of old. For if the parents are drawn view, is that the family, and hence James Davis, for years Congress- from the home by clNbbs and by s- the home, are such vital and impor- man from Missouri, told at a Wash- ciety, the children are lured to the tant institutions of social welfare, the ington Scout celebration the s:ory of nmvies, to the play grounds and sum- I foundation of progres in every order, how a typical Scout Good Turn had mer gardens and excursions, which t the root of social peace and prosper- elected him. provide so many pitfalls for the un- ity. Our Divine Savior Himseli sane- "One morning," he said, "when I wary and in Which so many go dane- i tilled the home and home-life. He en- was about 20, 1 was riding my horse ing down the path that leads to spir- joyed the sweet and simple pleasures into town when I met a boy who had itual death and ruin. [ of the holy family-life at Nazareth. been riding a mule loaded with a sack tits most happy years, and by far the of corn. The sack had fallen off, and Amusements Commercialized largest portion of His blessed life, the boy was not able to pu it back The amusements that take th: He passed in the humble home in the on singled handed. younger generation from the healthy little town of Palestine. He wrought "I dismounted, took off my coat, and influence ok' the home, have practically His first miracle at the foundation of put the boy and the corn back on all become "commercialized." Their. a new home at Cana and for the hap- the mule. Then I went on, and forgot managers and organizers look only to piness of a family. In to how many a all about it. the money returns which they can se- home He bzought comfort by His "Nearly twenty years later I was cure front their investments and from miracle, His wondrous cures and man- candidate for Congress in the primar- catering to the youthful quesz for ifold acts of well-doing, ies. I didn't have much chance in ple':asure.How few of them ever think I of elevating the moral sense, of pro- ' Modern education has taken up the the 'enemy's country,' but learned problem of home-training and has in that some one there was very busy riding a legitimate pastime, which trodueed elaborate industrial courses getting votes for me. I had no idea entertains without sowing the seeds of moral leprosy in the mind ? The iirst object of the men in charge of the palaces of pleasure in the large cities, is, let us repeat it, money. Their second object is more money. Tim poor victims pay their contribu- tions to the manager, while the home life and the health-restoring and up- lifting relaxation and enjoyment that used to be found by the fireside, and in the company of parents, friends and 1 relations, are scorned and th home is I being undermined. I But do those who turn their backs  upon "the home really find soul-satis- fying happiness and the recreation needed to keep up their usual work,, by yielding to this spirit which prompts them to flee to outside amuse ments? Is not one of the results of this nervous, nerve-racking race for something new in the line df pleas- ure, and for the empty baubles and frivolities of a sensation-seeking world, the lowering of physical effi- ciency? Mahy physicians admit tha# this is one f the evils springing from the strenuous pace of the modern ] and domestic science teaching into the curriculum. But let us reason for a ]moment concerning the real object of these studies. The word "domestic" in domestic science, is connected with the Latin word "Domus," home or house. Therefore, this kind of train- ing is intended to prepare girls for the great and all-essentia, work and duty of home-making and home- building and home-keeping. In other words, they are to learn how to make the home a place which will be gladly sought by all the members of the family, especially when after their marriage, "they have founded a home of their own. What would we think of a student, who after having suc- cessftflly completed a medical course at great expense to his parents, should abandon the fruits of his years of study and turn to some other work? What should we say of the young man who, after spending years in the study of law., and after having graduated in he profession, should neglect it, sell his law-books and turn to some en- tirely different field ? who he could be. In the end I was nominated by forty-seven votes. "At the county mass meeting which followed to celebrate the victory a big, sturdy young man elbowed his way through the crowd to the speak- ers' stani and held out his hand. '"I don't suppose you know'me,' he said. And I admitted that I did not. "'Well,' he continued, 'you may remember a boy and a mule and a sack of corn in the road twenty years ago. Three men passed him before you came along, but you, the fourth, stopped to help the boy and the corn get back on that mule. I'm that boy; and I made up my mind that day that if I ever had a chance to pay you back for tt good turn you did for me I would. My chance came, and I've made good on it. We gave you a majority of sixty-eight votes in our township.' "That one little good turn," said Congressman Davis, "elected me." Mr. Davis is active in Scout work in Missouri. world in its chase hfter nerve-tingling i Preparation for Home-Making _ excitement. A German Bishop, Mgr. I But yet many girls today, who have Keppler of Rottenburg, haswell ex- an opportunity to acquire a good pressed this condition when le said training in domestic science and that our age has "many pleasures household economy, that is in the art but little joy." Again, our news- of home-making, show by their con- papers with their daily, dreary quota duct that they do not appreciate their of divorces and broken family-ties, of I opportunity. They are doing little to family quarrels, and domestic trage- I make the home a pleasant abode, and dies, bring an indictment against this unhappy spirit which is causing so many to forget the home and to seek their main distraction outside its walls and far from the family-circle. Lost Amusements. There were once so many splendid forms of amusement and of recreation wliich acted like ta tonic to a mother weary with the day's chores, to a ather returning tired from hours of toil, to children and servants after the performance of the day's task. So much genuine pleasure and joy were once derived from singing in the home. In fact the word "folksong" is still one of our cherished words and a favorite expression in our books of literature. But this is about all. Today some young folks seem to think that the only sgng worth hearing is the one heard in the nickelodeon. Music, too, which Michael Angelo called God's richest gift to mankind, and once so much in vogue in the home, no longer appeals to the vota- ries of Vanity Fair. They care for it to help their mothers by practising what they have acquired in the schools. They are like the student who gives Up the results of years of study and of hard work in some profession, to take up some other duties. Now this is notbecause girls really do not see the value of the training they are getting along these lines or because they have a prejudice against practising what they have learned, They are simply imbued with the fool- ish notion that there are higher and better and nobler spheres" of action . open to them than home-making. Per- haps there are--fo, some. But not for the vast majority. Mrs. Newell Dwight Hillis, a. woman well known in Brooklyn Society, some time ago contributed a paper on "Some Success- es of American Women," to the Out- look, in which she says: "But the sphere where woman lms made her first, last, and greatest success and where there will always be the first, last, and greatest need of her service, is in, home-making. The tendency of only outside the home-circle, even* the day is towards fewer homes but, though modern inventions bavel though the home-maker is rarer, for- brough the classic opera to the very tunately the type is far from extinct." fireside. The art of reading and of vocal ex- CHURCHES SHOULD pression of the world's literary mas- BE TAX-FREE terpieces is seldom practiced in homes. The daily newspaper and the pnday A recent issue of Canadian Finance, Supplement with their loud and a leading financial paper of Winnipeg, screechy daubs, litter the floor, and as has a letter from W. H. Leek, man- they are inane and insipid, soon be- ager of the Bank of Hamilton at Nor- come tiresome and have no power to wood, in regard to the taxat:on of hold the reader at home. Would it churches,It is as follows.: not be worth while to practice the gen- "In your editorial of 5th October tle art of reading aloud for the benefit entitled 'Unfair Taxation Methods,' of other members of the family ? Con- you writ, 'leaving sentiment aside for versation, which should be like a heal- the time being is there any reason ing balm to soothe the tired mind and why a church should not be support- troubled heart, has almost become a ed entirely by its own followers?P The lost art to those who break away from answer to which is, any one who re- the home and to those who are happy ceives a benefit shoUld pay for same, a only in the midst of the madding recognized axiom in taxation. Now crowd.. And yet what a priceless levery individual in every community boon, this gift of speech! Holy Scrip- derives a benefit from the churches ture extols the man whose tongue even if they never attend a church, sneaks wisdom and who exerts benign [the churches are the only institutions influence by his words, that are devoted to the t, eaching of Modern science has given us cheap what is right and what is wrong, their reproductions of the world's famous influence for good, for the uplifting of t paintings. Their study should be an the people, for the teaching of truth] incentive to spend evenings at home, is unquestionable, they have been the [ for they allow us to share in the nob- ! great factor in raising mankind to the I lest emotion of the race and introduce I civilization that he now enjoys, have us td the thought of some of the e, the ole factor in spreading the world's greatest artists, "A great pie. ideas and principles of truth, jus'e PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTISERS " nam I# an the pencil The pencil with the rifled tip. 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