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January 3, 1920     Arkansas Catholic
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January 3, 1920

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PAGE TEN PONTIFICAL CEREMONIES (Continued from Page 1.) ually raising the tone, until with chimes and organ, the now crowded Cathedral felt the inspiration of the hour and its meaning, and quite in- voluntarily arose to give welcome as it THE GUARDIAN, SATUR DAY, JANUARY 3, 1920. brethren, from the constitution which NATIONAL SHRINE I has been the bible of our liberties. [Many, no doubt in good faith, tell us OF TItE IMMACULATE [the world is changed and that we [must no longer be satisfied with the so threatening in every nation of the ,world. Were it not for the deep,faith I pos- sess, I should feel now, as I have never felt before, that the destruction of the world prophesied in Holy Writ, is near at hand. However, I believe that the present confusion and or- rogance are but the last desperate attempt of Satan to dislodge God were, to the episcopal procession then from His own world, and establish entering the front portals of St. here below the kingdom of evil. Andrews. Procession At the stroke of midnight, the cross bearer and acolytes entered the vestibule, preceding the lone line of altar boys, priests and officers from the Bishop's House on Louisiana street. Rt. Rev. John B. Morris, D.D., Bishop of the Diocese of Little Rock, with Rt. Rev. Monsignor T. V. Tohin, D•D., as arch priest, were the last of the ira- Harmony Must Come from Heaven. We who possess this true faith, de- livered to the saints, realize now as we have always realized that God must come first in the affairs of man- kind; that there can be no harmony on earth and peace, unless it be tuned by the notes from heaven, given to the world on the first Christmas morn. This simply means that apart from the supernatural, apart from relig- posing procession as it slowly made ion, there can be no morality in this its way through center aisle to the sanctuary. Solemn Pontifical Mass Arriving in the sanctuary His Lord- ship, in cappa ma'na, made his preparatory prayers for the august Sacrifice he was about to offer world, and consequently there can be no peace. A world peace which is negotiated without the light of reli- gion is like that "pax Romana," which seemed to be quiet on the sur- face, but was nothing more than a seething volcano beneath. op, with staff in hand, preaching to his people the tidings of great joy vouchsafed to men in token of earth- ly and heavenly happiness. Bishop Morris Preaches Preaching from the throne, Bishop Morris gave the verbal exultation of What the world needs is the "Pax and loved ever by the great majority. up in behalf of his faithful pc()- Coelestis," the "Pax Christi," the pie, and immediately ascended the Pax which goes with belief in Ged] episcopal throne, where he was vested and hope in Ged. ] by the assisting c!ergy in the ponti- No Poverty of Spirit I ficals for solemn celebration. Our religion is too sane, my breth- The recitation of the Introit hy the ren, to believe that all the evils of the lishop seated on his throne began the world can be removed. Cbrist, the Mass proper, which was followed by Lord once said, "The poor you shall his resonant chanting of the "Gloria always have with you," and as His in Excclsis De, o," the special joy note word hts been verified in the past, so of the Christmas feast and its mean- it will be verified in the future, in inf. '['he glory chant was then taken spite of philantbrophy, in spite of all by full choir and organ and the narrow human plans. "The poor we angelic anthem wafted throughout the shall have always with us." edifice and into the hearts of the large There was just one thing, just one congregation• Hard indeed the heart kind of riches that God promised all closed that night to the spiritual and men; that is, the richness of the spirit, artistic note of such a mind absorbing the spirit of God; because there can occasion. After the Gloria came the be no poverty of spirit where the chanting of the Epistle and Gospel of heart is full of faith and trust in God the Mass, with the usual sanctuary the creator, and the Sovereign Good. ceremony, to be followed by the Bish- How vain it is then for the human mind, however brilliant, how vain it is for any collection of human minds, to plan for a happy peaceful world without God and without His grace. There is then, only one kind of ad- vice to give you, and I should not dare give it, were I not conscious of the Feast Day and its significance• the fact I represent religion among He stood there as the true sheperd, you. This advice may be reduced in and with staff in hand directed in its simplest terms through a sugges- forcible exhortation the minds of his tion, that you cling now to the flock to meditation on Bethlehem, Church as you have never clung be- with its Infant Christ, as the home fore. That you cling to the Bark of of virtue, peace and'salvation for the Peter that rides safely, guided by I individual soul as well as the fountain the hand of Christ, as it has been I source of all agencies making for the guided through the centuries. J preservation of national prosperity World Prates of Reason. ] and glory. From out the Bishop's The world does not like to hear this timely and exhortative address, we kind of talk. The world prates, of isolation recommended by Washing- ton, but that we must rather reach out our protecting and guiding hand to all the nations of the world. It is one thing, my brethren, to love hu- manity in theory, but it is another thing to love it wisely and practical- ly. In the past 150 years, who has (lone more for humanity politically and otherwme than thse United States ? At what sacrifice 'has libetry found a more noble refuge ? And how have the United States been enabled to offer this refuge? As I see it, only because of our isolation and our sym- pathetic welcome to all those, who came among us, to accept our tradi- tions, to live under our laws, and to join with us in making this land, a land of liberty, a land with a law- abiding citizenship. But to return to what ] said before; the great glory of our country has been, that it is a religious country, that God is the Abbiter of its destines, and that His Providence over it, is revered For this do we praise and thank Him this Holy Night. Secure in Christ. Although the danger of the times are serious let us, Catholics especial- ly, with those principles of the divine :faith which we possess, feel sure that if we prove loyal to these principles, which are coming to us from Christ to Pete)', the issue will bc favorable. Let us feel sure that in spite of the storms of discontent that will roar about us. we shall merge, safe and secure, if Cilrist be our leader, His Spirit, our guide. "De() Dulce, Nil Desperan- dum." Officers of the Mass After the chanting of the Credo, the Bishop proceeded from the throne to altar and began the Canon of the Mass, assisted by the following of- cers:.Arch-priest, Rt. Rev. Monsignor Tobin; deacons of honor, Fathers Paul and Leo, Benedictine Fathers from Subiaco College; deacon and sub- deacon of the Mass, Fathers Kellm and Fisher of Little Rock College; croyier and mitre bearers, Seminar- ians Fletcher, Gaffney, McBarren and Tolti. Present in the sanctuary were Fathers McDermott and Manley, the latter chaplain of the Third Division at Camp Pike. The ceremonies were in charge of Very Rev. Doctor Aretz, S.T.D., dean of Little Rock College, assisted by Rev. H. H. Wernke ,of St. Andrew's Cathedral. ORANGE COOTE CARSON'S DELEGATE CONCEPTION (Continued from Page 1.) church have been prepared after care- ful study of the best masterpieces of the Romanesque style, and in con- junction wih the landscape architect, Mr. Frederick Olmstead of Boston• These designs are of wonderful beau- ty, and were exhibited at the Con- ference of the American Hierarchy in September, winning a cordial ap- proval. The Holy Father's Interest. rj . . he cost of the Church ]s estimated at about tive million dollars, and it is hoped with good reason that individual gifts will supplement richly at all times the modest donations of a multi- tude of faithful lovers of Mary Im- maculate. Even a small donation from every one of the 20,000,000 Catholics of the United States would provide generously for fhe glorious edifice. Our Holy Father has donated a splen- did full-size mosaic of Murlio's Im- maculate Conception as his gift to tile High Altar of the Church, and the Catholic clergy of the United States are associating themselves with him in erecting the hig'h altar. Over one thousand priests haw. • already made generous donations to the 'high altar fund, and doubtless the entire priest- hood will soon be represented in this great common work of Catholic faith. Plus X was deeply interested in the project when it was laid before bim in 1914 by Cardinal Gibbons and in a special audience granted to Bishop Shahan, he made a very gracious do- nation saying that he owed so much to Mary Immaculate that he had both the right and the duty to further her tonor and glory before the,- whole world. In his Letter to Cardinal Gib- bons, he expressed the wish that the Catholics of the United States would soou contribute the means through which should arise this masterpiece of religious architecture. And ]3ene- diet XV, with equal devotion to Mary Immaculate, writes to Cardinal Gib- bons and all the American bishops: "Let the good work be pushed rapidly to completion, and for that purpose let every one who glories in the name of Catholic contribute more abund- antly than usual to the collections for this Church." He urges the Children of Mary in every parish and the Rosary societies to aid in the great work, and ask all our Catholic wom- en to take a special interest in pro- moting the building of lhe National Shrine "since they are committed to the promotion of the glory of Mary Immaculate in proportion as it re- bounds to t'he glory of their own sex." One Million Needed at Once. and the unclean. lightly Lord, cannot hear the angel hymn, which the shepherds of Israel heard in the long ago. There are two things necessary to I Christianity but they have never been bring rejoicing', to bring joy to the l able' and never wild be able, to offer heart, mmely, the innocence of littIe/any practicable subsitute for it• They him throu/hout the United States was complete the great sanctuary of the children and the humility of men f l have told us they cannot understand real faith. Both of which are typific?dl the dogmas of religion as presented by the Infant Savior and the humble l f°r their acceptance, and 'they have DeveIIot¢lng nd PIihki. HEGAR TY DR UG CO. SO1 INST. Haley & Hornibrook Ventilatinl00 and All Kinds of Roofinl00 Plmem Main zTIt IIIIiIi '  IItliiA - . i CENTRAL BANK Capital Stock ........... $100,000 Surplus ............... 10,000 We are constantly adding new accounts and or business is increasing at a very satisfactory rate. However, we shall be glad  have you with us. It is our inflexible rule not to impart information con- cerning the deposits of others. IIu'III'IIIIIIaMIIIII o II.€)III.I,4iI-i,ii.f,IIcIii.o.iiiI.I41IiIiii.i - _ - I:I00E !XIH00NGE NAIION00I, Ba00K , L I T TLEat;ocK: s t;;ZA Nts A s i CAPTITAL and SURPLUS, $500,000.00 i o o , , ,I u o IIIIl oIo i I(I{II IlOlOll I I Ill OUR ASSETS ARE OVER TWO MILLION DOLLARS We make a specialty of investing same in good first mortgage loans--and therefore supply our customers and estates we represent with good in- vestments--We act as administrators and executors under Will of many estates in Pulaski and other counties in this state--We will be pleased to assist you. PEOPLE'S SAVINGS BANK Little Rock, Arkansas F - - II " - ia can but publish in weak measure a reason, it relies on reason, but be- Fanatical "Billy" Heads Orangemen's The Trustees of the University are few of the striking points of his hold the results of this empty blas- Mission to the United States thirty in number, twenty archbishops :-_- "--- _.. -_- _- -- Christmastide considerations• Giving phemous reliancel It is hard to rea- " and ten prominent laymen They have a cursory resume of his remarks, the lize that there are thousands and -- confided 'th .......... o '-  *;^-- ][ f ............. o.1 i Bishop's sermon ran along on these even millions of men and women who Leading "Sir" Ned Carson's delega- ,_ ." ; or. ne. .a ....... It uDen an account with U tm nrme o a committee o tnelr mem --- -- hnes n of Ulste Orangemen to this court • . ..... t .i, have been deprved of their froth by try is one "Billy" Coote t sometimes bers, of which Archbishop Dougherty [ - " .... ' ................... tsisnops (reeting rauonanss anu ;neoz'ss, wno spelled Cootie" the Oran eman w" " of Philadelphia is chairman. The r • ! I• •  • ,  l I am sure you will not regard it as thought they were generous, but who 1, g no m ether ........ • "" ll • _ _! ___ i] • 11 . |  ' ' , 1 merely conventional, and pe]ffunctory, in t'he end, have played the part of a speech to the Carson fanatics last Bisho;nC::::n°:;'Pit:bumrZeBi:;: I laer..lll'l alR  rust 1 fi  summe declared that e Brlhsh v e when I repeat the greeting current at 'ends to their fellowmen. We speak " " " go - Shahan af ÷.ho ,h YT .... bb, ^ --, - .... ' " • " " of fit men m r ernment should "shoot down all the ......................... z, thin season, Merry Chmstmas .... y b ethren, of manly  Mr W,H-or a ..... ,*h ...t r I] I "dllll¢lkir I With all the sincerity I possess, I men. Be convinced that there can be inn Fein advocates of an Irish re- T"[__"'': ''..,'"'.': .,u ,:.. I haallt|l. [ • public" oamcs . yan oz zmuaeipma. u IV - - II wish you and your families, all the i no fit men or manly men unless they " contributions to the Xr,*'---.d o.:- IDII 11._ ,! 1 1A I* • I[,.]! • ,, . • ,  1 ¢.llUl|glbl FOIJ.Y. III'=2 blessings that cluster around the be religious men. No man can be a He added: But ff our Brhsh gov- dhould be addressed to Rev Dr Ber ] rourm ana lylain [[ celebration of this Feast Day To fit citizen of this world, of this no- ernment won't do it, let them give nard A McKenna Catholic Univezsit" Ig ! • ' ' " • ou • " • ' ' ' Y' " " " " me at least it brings a realization tmn, unless he conscmntmusly strives  Ulster boys a free hand and we Washington, D C As this splendid I[ If Deposited in Savings Account will earn 4 Interest ] that only men and women of faith lto be a fit citizen ot' heaven This is will do it ourselves We will shoot, Chinch i me " ;   . IK I :h n ::alnYy thent:Ze.acllnh::PYm::l :hp,nifc:;::Y; t:hhad:p::bleeo:'tei:h I d:z  :re.n::tblthanisSi:d i:eT::d): n °:;sd:::ide:niy°hli!dihe:Gvit:Wc!! i tom ht to all men as He came to among natmns and men Do not m]s Yet this savage from the Orange th ' [ ' 1 / f"  " - ' • ,, "-I. .... "- ....... ," 'l olic family whose sons or daughters "HIII"IIH"IIIIm'IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII Bethlehem 1900 vears ao IIe was Iae i; ;nere can be no peace in ;nis f uao mnus oz uls;er is now a; tle neau .A  :- .._^ - u^ ..:_: .... I . ll|tlflIIN.II net received by all men then, and He]world if nothing but a material God/Of the brigade of so-called Christian lib e war will contri'-ute enezo " . I --_ - __ e ....  g • usJy an( • _ will nots., be. r(.ceJved,, by. all" men, on ths/be., the object of tile adoratmn of man .pleachelSin a lutfle ..... WhOmlsslonhaVetoCOmestll upt° re]lglousAmericaI°f"- : , , a. n coure o: ne erecblOn O.ii th,s no ............................ e Ii ,UUI"ItteP------I--L IIOnleLI---- rurnlsnetl° ...... . , blessed night kind , ' ' "-" " ' "• ' " " bl c'hur • I . I... I ch ou, Blessed Mothe, I.  . $ Around Crib of Bethlehem [Theormts Cannot Understand Ways rstr]/? an,! endeao to how the rish [enters so closely and so helpfully into/ of God rpromem as a rehgmus ssue I Around the crib of Bethlehem there . " "  " : • the life of every Catholic famib, and [-" can be no happiness for the. sinful It you are wise you will remember When Carson first ]earned that Ea- is so habitually our intercess.' and -" rTm ,m'r."rT:,,' "r. vrr .... ' .....  .... .^ ..•,,-.n -:- that the theories of men like Vola re mon de Valera President of *-- T.:. :^-- .'--., " . . , * ._ / = UUI 11"1r11 J2kYUlgll'll/: .ta. l-tt; wu regt'u lll " ' - , , - t: t'n xtJvuu In ne courts oI ncaven tna -- , , • , and St Simon have always remained Republic, had reached America he e ' " ----  cannot rcce]v(, the infant ....... very Cathohc will surely want to - FAV¢RIW, gqnV. aar Dax, . tmorms "lhey have neve dora any knew that the tuth b , -- --. . - •  out h'eland heed the advice and example of two -  .......................  i thing" really ,practicable for their fel- wouh] be brought home to the people great Popes and of the American  AUTOMATIC REFRIGERATORS ]owmen 'ihey have challenged of this country The news of the tr cle .......  ,,.;,,, h;,. n .... - I • " ...... --g ,,,,,. 8v,. ,.S ,,.alon, grea or  66'n',r'w",T'.-'' SiT TTT r dk lrr   ........ umphant tour of President de Valera small, to the holy work -- JLI.JLIJLJI I2qkblkllNL lyl.l.2LAIrllN IJ  IJCOIDS  and the treme.ndous ovations tendered It will take one million dollars to --- = church, and it is most earnestly hoped by the Building Committee that this sum or a great part will be on hand when the work begins in May. It is proposed to break ground for the National Shrine next May with a magnificent ceremony at Washington, and perhaps a large pilgrimage of de- rout lovers of Mary Immaculate from all parts of the United States. Car(li- nal Gibbons will preside and many bishops and priests will come rom far and near. It is expected that there will also be representatives of the great shrines of the Blessed Virgin both in South America and Europe, making this wonderful scene an inter- national event and fitly inaugurating the first rreat common religious work undertaken by the cut|re Catho|ic peo- ple of the United States. ---: THOS. LONERGAN FURN. ,CO, | - 618 Main Street Little Rock. I |l|||l|||||||||||Hl|l |l|llll|l|H|llHl|l|||||| H||I||||H|II|I|||||||||||||||||||||||||||| A Tombstone o9¢ Beauty always expresses to the passer-by the loving care with which it was selected. If you idea for such a memorial, we will carry it to the last detail in accordance with your desire. We are at your ser- vice for monumental work of any kind. No Agents--No Commission. Write for CataloI MONAHAN & SON 41II-414 West Markham St. LITTLE ROCK, ARK. a bitter dose to Carson, the mouth- piece of the British government. At the outset, Carson announced that he wouh] "come to the States him- self." to tell the liberty-loving people of this great Republic why the people of Ireland should remaiv :in slavery. eager shepherds, who heard the "Gloria in Excelsis" on the first Christmas night. World Ever in Need of Christ The world was in need of Chrsit when He first came in the flesh long ago, l)uL ] helieve it was hardly more in need of Him then, if indeed as much. as it is in need of Him in these our days. Proud and foolish men oi every nation have set for themselves tabernacles of confusion, and have lighted the altars therein, with beaconv which prove aftevards to be but the benisons of despair. Tabernacles of Confusion. The hlolatry of selfishness, which has always been the most popular an(! dangerous idolatry thai has eve) poisoned the world, has become riot- ously and dangerously aggressive in our days. And the reason of it is noi far to seek. Faith has lost control of the huma :mind and heart and with this loss o control, has come the spirit of dis- content, whidh is so universal and given this as a reason, for their re- jection. This simply means that they cannot um[erstand the ways of God. And surely they cannot for a God, whom mere men could understand and Upon sober second thought, however, circumscribe, vith their human limi- Carson changed [his mind. Instead hc sent over a delegation of Ulster Pres- byterians, with instructions to create a religious war in America, if neces- sary, in order to blind the people to the real issue in Ireland. The ruse will fail Americans ar( aware that Ireland is no governed by consent of the governed. Is it not significant that Coote and his "preaching" Orangemen will tou this country under the "auspices" of "lyceum sea, ice" controlled and man *ged by "Judge" Gilbert O. N.ation vice-president of the infamous "Men ace" publications ? Love of Mary is an intrinsic part o the love of Jesus, and to imagine tha ',he interests of the two can be oppose s to show that we do not unders;tan, Jesus or the devotion due to Him.- Father Faber. tatiens, would not be our God. Let it be sufficient for us not to pry into the secret laws of God, hut rather to love the way He has pointed out to u through religion, His representative here on earth. Ovr Own Country Always Religiou Speakimz for our our own country let us not forget that its history an( traditions have always been religiou and Christian; that its greatest me .:rod especially its founder, was a ma )f ardent faith, who cautioned us mor than once, that if our republic is t urvive, it must survive tbrough loy dry to God. Let us suspect tiros vho :would offer us any other foun(h ions of success, let us be satisfie vith the principles that Washingto as bequeathed unto us• America a Nohle Refuge. We are getting too far away, my The rose when shaken fragrance sheds around, The bell when struck pours forth me- lodious sound ; The Heart of Mary moved by earnest prayer Will scatter grace and "sweetness everywhere. --Father T. E. Bridgett, C. SS. R,