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January 3, 1920     Arkansas Catholic
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January 3, 1920

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PAGE SIX Colleges, Schools and Acaclernys .. SILVER JUBILEL OF SISTER EMILIANA BELOVED SUPERIOR OF SACRED HEART ACA- DEMY AT HELENA CELEBRATES HER TWEN- TY-FIVE YEARS OF SERVICE AS A SISTER OF CHARITY OF NAZARETH. Pastor, Sisters, Pupils, People, Relatives and Friends Unite in Commemorating Great Religious Event. To display the pure gem of a ielig-] ious life is a difficult matter wh(.n the I display is withheld through the sin-] cere aversion of the gem to what the I world terms publicity. But Father McGrath, as pastor of St. Mary's Church at Helena, with whom the Academy of the Sacred Heart is af- filiated, together with the pupils and parishioners, overcame the pious aver- sion of good Sister Emalina and placed her for one day in the lime- light of open and ovowed appreciation. Tardy receipt of the manuscript and the press for space in The Guard- ian of last week, occasion this some- what publication of an event most worthy at any time of attentive con- sideration. Jubilee Echoes From Academy When "A gem of purest ray serene The dark unfathomed caves of ocean bear" it may require some mighty agitation of the waters to bring it to the sur- face and reveal its beauty to those near the shore; yet when exposed to their gaze, it sparkles with a bright- ness pure and unimaginable. So, too, when some beautiful hidden life is brought to light, the glory that sur- rounds it reflects something of the eternal beauty and power of God. A Silver Jubilee Celebration! What does it mean? What can it mean? Oh! it is just the mighty stirring of the deep that was necessary to display the gure gem ,of a life well spent in a sanctified callling. And is there any- one so blind or so callous as to fail to see or to feel the incentive for good deftly interwoven in the delightful celebration planned and executed to comemorate the Silver Jubilee of Sis- ter Emiliana the loving and beloved Superior of Sacred Heart Academy, Helena, Arkansas. Sisters, pupils and patrons seemed to vie with one another to render the occasion, a day of days! a brilliant beacon to throw light and cheer upon the pathway of both Jubilarian and Jubilants. Who is foolish enough to declaim against following the example of Solomon, the wisest of men? He it was who protracted his rejoicing from day to day; and in emulation of his deed, the children of the Academy claimed some days for their Jubilee dates, while the real anniversary, De- ,ember 8th, fell as a birth-right to the resident and numerous visiting Sis- : ,ters. Since Thursday, December 4th, the dear old S. H. A. has assumed an in- describable air of festivity and re- juvenation. At noon on that day the devoted mother and brother of the Jubilarian arrived to lend a delightful zest to the enjoyments planned. Their visit was a total surprise to Sister Emiliana whose heart they overjoyed. Youth brooks no delay, so it is not strange to relate that the tots of the Kindergarten were the first to extend an elaborate welcome. Delightfully sweet and charming as the little social function given in honor of tile Beloved Superior, Sister Emiliana Friday morning. December 5th found the Kindergarten room a "thing of beauty" for it was to be the scene of a memorable event in the lives of the little ones. At an unusyally early hour the tiny hosts assembled in the Auditorium whence, at the appointed time, they" advanced to meet the guests of honor namely Sister Emiliana with her loved mother and brother. To their own in- tense grief some of the participants were unable to be present because of illness. But to those whose pleasuse it was to enjoy tile party, the memory will be one of silvery sweetness. The room itself presented a fitting setting for the lovely children. From chandeliers to moulding were draped graceful garlands of blue and white intermingled with silver icicles. Dainty covers were laid for twenty-four at minature tables, where, after amuse- ments, songs and recitations, both guests and hosts partook of most ap- petizing refreshments. In closing, a beautiful little silver bell was presented as a remembrance from the Kindergarten of S, H. A. May its silvery tones recall these happy hours. What satisfaction it would give me could I but begin to vividly describe the official Children's Day. Early (yes, quite early for the little ones) the chapel was filled with Sister's own devoted proteges. How inspiring the scene! How lovely the music! How sublime the holy ceremoniesl How beautifuCl the altar, a veritable garden of flowers, ferns and palms, reflect- ing the rays of innumerable lighted tapers! None but a master hand can truthfully paint the whole. Yet sure- ly, "fond memory will often throw the light of this bright day around us." At 7:30 the Reverend Pastor of St. Mary's began the High Mass, which was sim- ply, yet ever so sweetly and reverent- ly sung by the Girls' Choir. During it every Catholic child of the school, undeterred by sickness, received Holy Communion. This ,was in itself a cause of untold rejoicing to the zeal- ous Jubilarian. Father McGrath's Tribute The keynote of the jubilee expres- sion came in the touching worits of the celebrant of the Mass, Rev. J: J. Mc- Grath, pastor of St. Mary's Church which follow: Dear Jubilarian and Sisters: ] feel it is meet that I should offer a few words of congratulation to one who has passed a quarter of a century in the religious life, in the sel-cice of the Divine Master. It is first due to Almighty God that you give thanks to Him for having called you so near to Him, and for having lengthened out your days in His service for twenty- five years; years,.I feel, freighted with good works. For twenty-five years you have been a faithful Sisr of Charity, a faithful worker in God's part of the vineyard. Your heart must beat with joy today, full of thanks to Him, who has wrought such great things in you. I know you cannot ex- press in words your gratitude to Al- mighty God as there are times when the tongue is silent to express the joys of the soul. Often does the faith- ful religious ponder over the words of God, "How lovely are Thy taber- nacles, O Lord of Hosts, my heart longeth and Sainteth for the courts of the Lord." Early in life you heard the call of the Master, and guided by faith, strengthened by grace, gladly did you answer it. No doubt, the world seem- ed beautiful to you, but dimly through all its beauty, you saw that there is a celestial city beyond the starry heights; you saw that the beauty of the world reflected at its best, but dimly portray the beauty of Him, who called all things into existence by His word alone. Yes, there were times in the first days of your relig- ious life that the echo of the world fell upon your soul, times when its al- luring shadows followed still your steps in the religious life, but having faith in Christ, and pereserving in prayer, these shadows did not dis- turb he peace of your soul. A religious must not imagine that the convent hfe m devoid of sacrifice. The religion that Christ founded is a religion of sacrifice. He sacrificed Himself for us, A Sister of Charity learns, early in her religious life, that her life too must be a life of sacrifice for others, for the spirit of sacrifice is necessary in the religious life. Only in the great Mother Church, the Ca- tholic Church, is such a life evident in all its beauty. To leave the world and all its pleasures calls for sacrifice. The sacrifice that God asks of us, af- ter all, is not great in comparison with the reward which He has promis- ,,d--the joys of life eternal. The joys and the honors and the riches of life are not lasting; they are swalloWed up in death. Will they bring us hap- piness in life eternal? If we have purchased them by the price of our immortal soul, a life of never-ending misery will be our portion in eternity. Honors are but of the hour, a pass- ing nod of men. The heroes whose praise the world once sung are now forgotten. Dear Jubi]arian, I congratulate you today again on your choice of life. You have chosen the better part. Twfiy- five long years spent in religious life, I feel when you go over these years, count them one by one, each one brings its added happiness. It is so with those who have spent their years well in the service of God; I trust it will be ever so during the promised future years. Today you are giving an inspiring lesson to the young sis- ters who are gathered around you. They can read on your face, this hap- py morning, a picture of a happy soul. THE GUARDIAN, SATURDAY, JANUARY 3, 1920. religious who are with you. It should kindle in their young souls the ardent zeal that time will not extinguish, for they, too, well know from the teach- ings of God's Holy Church, the re- ward is great for those who serve the Master here belowthe reward is peace of heart in this life and glory in the "life eternal. When I look around this beautiful chapel this morning, this magnificent Academy of the Sacred Heart, ] con- gratulate you on the noble achieve- ment. It indeed was a work of sacri- fice. You have built better than you know. When you have long depraved from this beautiful scene, you will be remembered; your work will mani- fest the good done for the young; for the community at large, for it is a factor in the building up of a healthy citizenship for America our Country. In conclusion, dear Jubilarian, I pray that God will bless you and may the 'ears lengthen out in the future to a Golden Jubilee of joy and happiness. Heartfelt Congratulations After Mass, many and heartfelt wer e the congratulations bestowed upon the Superior. In fact, even the little boys, who are often so badly maligned as truants from school, awaited their turns to see and greet the gracious recipient of their heartiest good Wishes. Reception In the afternoon the Benediction Service was beautified by Rev. H. H, Wernke's solo o fthe "0 Salutaris." Scarcely had the glad strains of the universal "Te Deum" died, when throngs of Sisterrs friends assembled in the auditorium to enjoy the Jubilee program. Long, yes, everlasting must be the recollection of this entertain- ment in the hearts and souls of the participants, There could be no doubt concerning the sincerity of the love that prompted the performers to do "the best that in them lay." Many of the former pupils were present to extend felicitations and to show in what high esteem they hold one whom they deem a gentle woman, a true friend, a kindly guide nd censor. Besides so many local adherents, the extensive number of handsome gifts received clearly proclaimed that friends warm and true from far and near have also learned that "to know her is to love her." " Sister's Day The High,Mass on Monday morn- ing was entoned by Rev. H. H. Wern- kel ecretary to the Right Reverend J. B. Morris, of Little Rock, whom he represented at the celebration. The Solemn Gregorian Chant was sung in the Sisters' Chapel. Between Mass and Benediction, a lovely Vocational Hymn especially adapted to the oc- casion was feelingly and jubilantly rndered. Monday being the Sisters' Day was devoted by them to increasing the joy of the already joyful Sister Emiliana, whose eveT, y characteristic and pithy estimate of her emotion was and is 'It will take twenty-five more years to thank God for giving me so mny glorious graces and gifts, especially in the line of devoted friends." Boarders"Finale After a week of homely pleasures, the Octave, December 15th, brought events to a gladsome close, a Jubilee Supper given by the Boarders of S. H. A. to one whom they love quite dearly. The very commonplace refectory proclaimed the night a special Board- ing School Gala ccasion. The tables set in simple style, the whole assembly save the guest of honor in school uni- form and the admirable exactness of arrangement revealed the character of school and pupils. In the course of the meal three de- cidedly appropriate toasts were offer- ed by the older pupils; "Geetings," "A Recipe of making a Sister Emiliana," and "Forget-us-not," were responded to by a most sincere address by Sister Emiliana whose words are ever force- ful because besides the true heart their source, "her voice itself is low and sweet, an excellent thing in a woman." SUBIACO COLLEGE Examinations Over Examinations are a thing of the past and we can npw breathe freely and without anxiety. The majority of the boys passed the tests with flying colors and in spite of the furious as- saults made by the faculty the stu- dents refused to give up the ship. History was made at Subiaco in 'these examinations and the professors can rest assured by them, that the work the teachers have done this year 'has certainly not been in vain. Drill, Drill, Drill The Military Club although always a "live wire" certainly made things hum. Every day for the past week they drilled, drilled again, and then to make matters complete, they drilled again. The boys have in the last four months mastered every drill given in the regular army manual. Major John Priola, who traveled from Litle Rock to review our Battal- ion, drilled,he boys Saturday, Decem- ber 20th. Major Priola was captain of last year's company and it was through his untiring endeavors in co- operation with the Commandant that we have been able to make such rapid progress this year. He was well pleased with the manner in which the boys executed the commands and said so. Needless to say we were more than pleased to have him with us and we can truthfully say that the boys made a decided improvement under his tutelage. Military Commissions Upon the night of December 20th the commissions were conferred upon the commissioned officers. It was a very ostentatious ceremony. The affair opened with a selection rendered by the Military Band. This was followed by an excellent address by the Rev. Commandant. He told the boys that he was very much pleased with their work this year and thanked them for their co-operation and good spirit. This was followed by a band piece and then the various officers were sub- (Continued on Page 7.) amomm4mDo - - 4mmmammm4mDo4ma*ommaoolammaomm4am*oam4am*ummaogmbOlD * Ut In Omnibus Glorificetur Deus. "That God Be Glorified in All Things" The Academy of St. Joseph A BOARDING SCHOOL FOR YOUNG GIRLS CONDUCTED BY THE SISTERS OF THE ORDER, OF ST. BENEDICT ST. SCHOLASTICA'S CONVENT SHOAL CREEK, ARKANSAS BLAMES U. S. POLICY FOR MEXICO TROUBLE (Continued from page 1.) the Mexican people how Carranza still enjoys the recognition of the United States. The mystery lies in the fact that this Government recognizes him in spite of the insults and the hostility which he has heaped upon he United States Government. There is not an occasion that he does not flaunt ,the United States Government; the Jen- kins case is not finished now and we have the outrageous legislation which is enforced by force of arms on the oil producers in Mexico. He has in- sulted the United tares in every pos- sible way and yet for some amazing reason he is maintained in power. The American Forces Behind the Despot. "It is very hard to tell what are the forces that are kecping Carranza in power. At one time we thought that the oil interests, and later we thought the raih'oads were interested, but to- (lay it is becoming more and more ap- parent that neither of these forces are behind 'him. Protestant Money Helps Carranza to Eradicate Catholic Church. "It is some of the Protest- ant sects who are helping more effi- ciently than anything else. They are assisted by such elements, as the Bol- sheviki and the I. W.W. All of these forces are at work openly aiding and abetting Carranza in his policy of con- fiscation and prosecution to the degree that has become now one of the most atrocious habits of him and his fol- lowers. To us who are Mexicans it is incredible to what extent Protestantism has influenced Mexico. It has not made any headway with the people, but it has with the Carranzistas. As long as non-Catholic sects give the Carran- zistas money they are safe, but as soon as payments are stopped they will be lost. Carranza hates the Catholic Church, and his only dcsire is to see how he can paralyze it and possibly eradicate it, and he might just as well try to eradicate the country itself. He never loses an, opportunity to carry out his aim of doing damage to the Church. Mexico's Hope. "The hope of every Mexican now is that sufficient agitation will be started here in the United States to force the hands of certain members of the ad- ministration to take away recognition from Carranza. The idea of interven- tion, is naturally repugnant to the Mexicans and you will all agree with me that it seems very unjust; for a powerful nation to be instrumntal in imposing upon them a government which they hate, and then going in to punish them for the crimes with which that imposed government has perpe- trated. In addition most Mexicans is 98V2 per cent against him, and there 98 1-2 per cent against him, and there is no doubt in Mexico at the present time that not more than 1 1-2 per cent of the nation are actually in arms on one side or the other." As mariners are guided into port by the shining of a star, so Christians are guided into Heaven by Mary.--St. Bernard. Mt. St. Mary's Academy Under the Direction of THE SISTERS OF MERCY PULASKI HEIGHTS, LITTLE ROCK, ARK. St. Mary's Academy is-situated on :Pulaski Heights, one of Little Rock's most beautiful suburbs. The building stands 350 feet above the city. It is reached by electric cars, a twenty minutes' ride from the Iron Mountain station. The grounds are extensive, surrounded in part by a sturdy pine growth, a healthful protection. A fine campus gves the put, Is plenty of room for outdoor games. THE ACADEMY RECEIVES BOARDERS AND DAY STUDENTS. IT OFFERS YOUNG LADIES ALL THE ADVANTAGES OF A THOROUGH AND REFINED EDUCATION. Academic, Commercial, Preparatory and Primary Courses are offered. Special advantages in music, Voice, Expression and Art. The course includes French, Spanish and Latin and are taught without extra charge. For Further Information Address THE MOTHER SUPERIOR $. m4mo mmDmmamDommamol4mm4mm o ram.cramp  - - .$ LITTLE ROCK COLLEGE PULASKI HEIGHTS, LITTLE ROCK, ARKANSAS About seven miles from the heart of the city. Its situation is a very happy one, for the undoubted advantages of a city like Little Rock are combined with those that accrue from restrictions consequent on an out-of-town situation. The extensive grounds of forty acres are located in a remarkably picturesque spot between Forrest Park and the Country Club. Easily accessible from Little Rock by the Pulaski Heights street car line. Senior Unit--R. O. T. C. CLASSICAL, SCIENTIFIC, ENGINEERING AND COMMERCIAL COURSES, PREPARATORY, HIGH SCHOOL AND COLLEGE DE- PARTMENTS. Highest standard of studies. Thorough Discipline. Gymnasium, Physicul Culture, Athletic Field. ACCREDITED TO U. S. MILITARY ACADEMY--WEST POINT AND ALL STATE UNIVERSITIES FOR TERMS CALL OR WRITE - REV. H. A. HEAGNEY, A. M., President Little Rock College, Little Rok, Ark. Telephone: Woodlawn 530 f q : St. Anne's Academy for Boys I Fort Smith, Arkansas ' Boys under twelve years of age are admitted as You have caught the message of I Christ, "I have overcome the worid,"] boarders. Terms moderate. John 16:33. This happiness'which is[ For particulars apply to Sisters of Mercy. yours today is an inspiration for the" building is absolutely fire-proof and equipped with modern conven- iences. The artistic new auditorium, the best baseball ground in Logan county, the artificial lake, new gymnasium, complete library and read- ing rooms, tennis, handball and basketball courts keep the boys accu- ied during hours of recreation. FOR PARTICULARS ADDRESS REV. BENEDICT BORGERDING, O. S. B., Rector SUBIACO, ARKANSAS Residents of Little Rock may call for particulars at No. 815 Sherman Street, or Main 5089 and ask for Representative of Subiaco College lo4mm 4mm.uellm.OmlDollDr:4mm.oelm.ooo4em41ueam.o4mD  -  - - ( line o04mo4m 04m a4e 04mnmomuo4mn41 o4mo4mDo4a 04uo4mo4mom4momo4mDo4nmnao4 .  )  ogotmt 4m48e4mm4mm4mn4amDmmu4mm4m4m4mm4m4mm4i48mkum4m4m4nm4m.. r! St. Anne's Academy SUBIACO COLLEGE ' : FOR GIRLS l/ FORT SMITH, ARKANSAS '; ' BOARDING AND DAY SCH00L FOR Drtment .on l CHILDREN AND YOUNG LADIES The curriculum includes all branches taught in f' c Grammar Grades and High School. Business Course  will be a prominent feature. Music and voice a specialty. Terms moderate, distractions of the city, ours is the ideal place for thorough study. The _ ! - For particulars apply to Sisters of Mercy, Fort Smith, Ark. N L. at b 21 1( t