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January 2, 1942     Arkansas Catholic
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January 2, 1942

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PAGE SIX THE GUARDIAN, JANUARY 2, 1942 i I ...... ' ' " n Read lOnesboro Merchants Extend New Years Greeting to Guardla Blessed SacramentEhurch Holds New Year Holy Hour ,o o+_oo. ,.o ,o u+.o00 At a meeting of all the ministers of religion in the city, to which Father Kordsmeier was invited as a special guest, a resolution was taken that all the churches in the city would cooperate in prayer at the non-Catholic churches, which re- mained open from 10 o'clock to 1 o'clock on New Year's Eve. The Mayor of the city, Her- U. S. Jesuits Bosler, asked that all Endangered In Philippines New York. -- The lives of 77 American Jesuits and approxi- mately $1,500,000 in mission prop- erty has been placed in serious danger by the Japanese bombing of the open city of Manila. The in- stitutions operated by the Amer- ican Jesuits in the city of Manila tself, include a large university, a seminary, a trade school, a re- treat house, the Manila Observa- tory, and the Church of San Ig- nacio. Just outside the city is a large Jesuit Seminary. Nearest to the center of the danger is the Church of San Ig- nacio, and the residence of the Very Reverend John F. Hurley, S. J., Superior of the Jesuits, the largest group of missionaries in the Philippines, numbering 251 men. Both of these are in the old city or Intramuros as it is called, which has been the chief target of the Japanese bombs• The Church of San Ignacio is one of the architectural gems of the Philippines, and fear is express- ed for its safety, since bombs are known to have dropped in the district two blocks away, and fires have spread. ...... r St. Edward's Troop 4 Scouts of Troop 4 are hike con- scious, since Scoutmaster Joe Spinnenweber has directed them on three hikes in an equal amount of weeks. The troop sponsored by the St. Edward's P. T. A. has two patrols, and plans are under way for the third. The Flying Eagles and the Blazing Arrows are both off to a flying start with various activities, among these the collec- tion of paper for the past four weeks. Mr. Quintin DeClerk, assistant Scoutmaster, took the majority of the troop for a hike to Pinnacle 2VIountain this past week. Scouts are busy on their second class re- bert k usiness cease for one minute at 1 ! p. m. on New Year's Eve so that a silent prayer for peace and victory, as well as a thanks- giving for past blessings, might be offered. Blessed Sacrament Church was packed to capacity for its usual "'00!i!71i!i00ii!i00iii Entrance to Convent;k ioro ]a.nuarg Mission [;or Nalive Bishops And Faithful Enhuded to Them Mission intention for the month them bishops of the Roman Cath- of January, 1942, released by The olic Church. This may be said to i National Office of The Society for have marked China's coming of I the Propagation of the Faith: age, since her native sons received "For Native Bishops in Mission from Christ's own Vicar the power Lands and for the Faithful En- to govern His Church in their Midnight services at Christmas. trusted to Their Care." own land. Caroling by the parish choir be- gan at 11:30 p. m. The Christmas It was the zealous St. Francis Since that memorable occasion Xavier who renewed the example there have been other consecra- adornments and crib on the side . j. altar furnished the usual lovely of the Apostles oy urging ne tions in Japan, China, India and Settin for the celebration of the Itraining oi: a ctergy incugenous Indo China until finally they cli- giad "feast of -the--N'ahmty: "- ---of to mission lands. . If his• advice,, ad- maxed, so to speak, on October 29. • f nd runny nrn t"n÷h ", dressed to his supermrs while he Chins. a ............... - ..... oh 1939. Once more the scene was in were attracted to-the church for was evangelizing in Japan, had the stately basilica of St. Peter'. Mid'night Mass been heeded perhaps the entire in Rome. Another Plus--the new- " [history of that country, as re- ly elected Plus XII--was the con- +  (gards Catholicism, might have secrator while those named as Aearl00m00 .qt, tlnf] been changed. However, it is not shepherds of the flock hailed from ..... "J '"""'"'*lthe past which concerns us so the four corners of the earth. i,___. |_ _|_L [ much on the subject of this There was a Frenchman, an Irish- avoll[ l-l%yl¢[ month's mission intention as the man, a Hollander, a Belgian, an A / . , [ present and the future. Certainly Italian, a German and two Amer- Ce 00.nrlstmas any student of history cannot fail leans it is true, but besides there I to realize how important the sub- was a native son of China, of Mad- Jonesboro. -- "Unto the Least[ject is particularly in this age agascar, of Africa, and of India. of These," was the playlet given I when nationalism has become the Never was the universality of the by the students of Holy Angels' rack upon which is hung so many Church so clearly indicated; never Academy in the school auditorium of the ills of the world• was the statement of a Pontiff on December 18, at 8 p.m. Some twenty-four years ago The more definitely proven "as the Leading roles were played as Society for the Propagation of the Catholic Church of God is for- follows: Jeanne Massery, the lit- Faith made its first appeal in be- eign to no nation, so should every tle lost Boy; Marion Stemac, Dame half of funds for the training of nation yield its own sacred min- Liza, widowed sister of John; and a clergy native to mission lands, isters." (Benedict XV, November Barbara Jean Hamlett, Dame Joan, This move was necessitated by the 30, 1919):_ wife of John. Minor roles were: depletion in the ranks of European i Today's Necessity. Marjorie Hocle, John, a poor car- missionaries many of whom were In his famous "Rerum Eccles- called' to the colors in the first iae," Pope Plus XI, mentioned an penter; Mildred Stewart, Kate, Daughter of John and Dame Joan; World War. "By fostering the eventuality which has become an Marjean Woodward, Robin, Kate's largest possible number of voca- actuality today. "Suppose that on lover; Carolyn Frego, Diccon A. tions among the natives of the account of a war or on account Smith; Gertrude Martin, Dame various missions themselves," of other political events," he wrote Moll, wife of Diccon; Norma Mas- wrote Msgr. Joseph Freri, National on February 28, 1926, "one gov- sery, Meg and Dolores Gobe, AI- Director of this Society in 1917, ernment supplants another in the ice, Daughters of Dicoon and Dame "we may solve an immediate territory of the missions, and that Moll; and Marilyn Stewart, Alan, problem," Two years later, in his it demands or orders expulsion Meg's lover, apostolic letter "Maximum Illud," of foreign missioners of a certain the late Benedict XV added papal nationality; suppose likewise (al-  emphasis to our endeavor• "The l though this is not likely to hap- Christmas Happiness native priest," he wrote, "must be pen), that the inhabitants who i . . , fitted for his divine task and able have attained a higher degree of s ecevea one day to undertake with credit civilization, and as a result a cor-  €',* I the administration of his own peo- na lven I ple." That day has come; as a mat- Jonesboro. -- On the afternoon[ter of fact it is past its dawning of December 17, the students of[and is climbing high toward' the Holy AJgels' Academy held their [zenith of Church history• t ve: r own they are, and that they cannot i do this save by recourse to vio- Christmas tree, surrounded by presents, decorated the stage in the Auditorium. Presents were ex- changed by t2m students. After the presents were distributed refresh- ments, consisting of Christmas cookies and hot chocolate were served.--Courtesy Holy Angels' Echoes. quirements, at this time, and are Await News of Chaplain With working hard to qualify as patrol leaders. A local store, with whom Canadian Forces at Hung Kong our assistant Scoutmaster is con-, Pembroke, Ont. 0D. -- Word is nected, has donated a hatchet as l awaited here of the Rev. Francis a prize for the first tenderfoot t01J. Deloughery, Catholic chaplain reach the first class status• I with the Canadian defenders of The three points visited by the I Hung Kong, where the gallant gar- Scouts in their hikes are Lake ]ris0n of Canadian, Imperial and Potuka, Granite Mountain and i Indian troops held out against an Pinnacle Mountain, and those par- I overwhelmingly superior force of tctpatmg ...... m these outings were: Japanese troops for two weeks Elbert Binz, Henry Vogler, John before capitulating. The Canadians suffered heavy casualties, but a detailed list has not yet been re- ceived, nor is it known who were among tle prisoners taken by the enemy. ., 'I ' Land, Arthur Henry Harris, Geo. Smith, Harold Medlock, Jimmie Crawford, Bobby Byrne, Raymond Byrne, Eugene Hobbs, Herman Kresse, Louis Hoyt and John Hil- pert. ', "l  2 Christ remains a model of meek- ness before our very eyes Inor- dinate anger has led to many a regrettable act. If ever a prisoner could have been provoked into righteous anger by reason of ill treatment, surely that one woulc have been the long-suffering and patient-dweller of the tabernacle. Contemplating Christ in the Bless- ed Sacrament we see in Him the very Personification of Meekness. respondingly civil maturity, should wish to render themselves inde- pendent, drive from their terri- tory both the governor and the soldiers and tle missioners of a foreign nation under whose rule i native clergy and hierarchy, are apt to forget that little time has lence, what great harm would ac- elapsed since most of our priests !crue to the Church in those re- and practically all our bishops gions, We ask, unless the native were recruited from countries clergy, which has been spared as some three to five thousands miles a network throughout the terri- distant from our shores. However. tory could provide completely for it was these same "foreign" t he population converted to priests and bishops who urged the Christ?" We know. that what the erection and maintenance of semi- Sovereign Pontiff thought to be naries in the United States where unlikelY has now become a real- young American men could be ity: expulsions'have been order- trained to take over the admin- ed, civil authority has demanded istration of Church affairs. Today independence and the hierarchy, we are eager to acclaim that un- native to mission lands is the an- dertaking as eminently success- swer as far as the Catholic ful. Our people are proud of their Church is concerned. Thus, With native clergy and hierarchy, but the wisdom of centuries the they should not forget the heroic Church was prepared but She had labors of the pioneers who bulk begun the building up of a native foundation and administered the hierarchy in mission lands. A1- affairs of the once infant Church ready there were three native in America. Archbishops in" India as well as What has happened here now 13 Bishops; there was one Japa- occurs in many of the countries nese Archbishop and one Bishop; which are today occupying Arer- there were 16 Chinese Bishops ica's former place as mission ter- and nine Prefects Apostolic; there ritory. As late as 1917 there were was one Korean Prefect Apostolic but 60 native priests in Japan and while there were three Indo Chi- Cores; 830 in China; 700 in Indo China; 850 in India and Ceylon. " With the exception of one small section of India there was not a single native Bishop in the entire mission field. Hopes Realized. On October 28, 1926, came the glorious day when, heralded by silver trumpets, His Holiness Pope Pius XI met six of the 1,172 na- tive Chinese priests to consecrate C. B. Barnett Jonesboro, Arkansas Santa Visits Patients At St. Bernard's • -- " ' Saint tion. On Christmas Eve, this jolly personage impersonated by Dr. P. W. Lutterloh spread good will and joy as well as gifts among all the patients. His wagon was drawn by two reindeer, impersonated by Boyd i Billy Frank and' Wyne +Lee Vaughn., and the students of i St. Bernard's Nursing School in angelic robes, furnished celestial music as the procession moved from one floor to another and from one room to another. Carol- ing, laughter, distribution of gifts, and joyful exclamations were in order all over the hospital.' A beautfiully decorated tree sur- rounded by innumerable gift bags surmounted Santa's wagon. Music by clarinet played by Miss Aldine Baker, student nurse, and organ music on a portable instrument played by Sister M. Felicitas ac- companied the carolers who es- corted Santa here and there intro-I ducing him to young and old. Each floor of the hospital was in Christmas attire and trees glis- tened from porches and corridors showing arrays of Christmas cheer. Christmas cribs invited all I to remember the One Who came to bring, health and joy and peace to Men of Good Will. Christmas l patients always talk of Santa's visits to St. Bernard's. He is wel- come always. Student Nurses accompanied by Sister M. Hilda and Sister M. Flor- entine visited Jonesboro's Poor Farm and distributed gifts and caroled for the inmates. The Rev. W. J. Kordsmeier and the Rev. F. X. Murphy, spoke words of good cheer and Christmas greetings to these people. Sixty colored children were the recipients of good will from old Santa's Christmas store, when the Sodalists of Holy Angels gave a Christmas tree on the afternoon of December 17, to these people• The little colored children pre- sented a program in the Academy auditorium for the benefit of the Academy students• It consisted of carols, readings and a rhythm band performance. Each colored child received a gift, a bottle of Cues-Cola, and some fruit and candy from Santa, impersonated by Carolyn Frego. nese Bishops. In Africa there Were two native Bishops and' one Pre- fect Apostolic while the Dutch East Indies boasts one of her na- tive sons as Bishop of Java. It is not only for these native born Bishops in mission lands however that our people are asked to pray during the month of Jan- uary• The faithful in those coun- tries are truly in need of prayerful remembrance. The dictates' of their civil rulers may create con- fusion in their hearts, their loy- alties may be torn between realty to Church and state, even the admonition of their bishops, sons of the soil like themselves, may be instffficient. Our prayers will provide the lifeline giving them strength and courage to remain steadfast in the face of difficulties• Sustained by the spiritual aid sol- icited by The Society for the Pro- pagation of the Faith, both bish- ops and faithful in mission lands will be united in the strong bonds of faith, hope and charity against which the noslaughts of racism. nationalism together with their hybrid offsprings, will be power- less. --Right Rev. Msgr. Thomas J. Mc- Donnell, National Director. The Society for the Propagation of the Faith. [Pope Ag!i (E).--Voicing Visits Holy Angels' The Rev. Brother Hugh, F. S. C., honored faculty and students of Holy Angels' Academy, Jonesboro, i with a visit on December 15. Brother Hugh, field representa- tive, spends 12 months a year vis- iting high schools and colleges throughout the country. He is in- spector of high schools for the St. Louis Province of the Christian Brothers and also visits public schools, in the cooperative study of secondary school standard' throughout the territory of the North Central and Southern Asso- ciation of Colleges and Second- Voices Hope World Peace Vatican City• /E).--V more the fervent hope that may be restored to the that [ w°rl 1' !Holiness Pope Pins XII Dec :26 addreosed, the Noble Grill The Holy Father expressei i wisi] that "in this" sea of tenSile, lute ous storms and human dis, the fury of the winds may le and the tranquility of the restored, that on the ship of bO goodness and fidelity may . hands and justice and peace:ill. brace•" +' His Holiness then pointe th t nobility must be found virtue. Too often, he said, light is dimmed by that of no The Pope recalled that many + man families owe their nobili' the Pontifical Throne and;l!,  therefore their duty of prese themselves faithful to their a & tral traditions is the greater. The Holy Father receive the commanders and offic the other armed corps of the can. Upon all he besto Apostolic Blessing. al the he inel ary Schools. -- Courtesy Holy their lives in that former Crown Colony. The Royal Angels' Echoes. of Quebec was one of I Canadian units there. The Solemn Mass in Quebec i was sung by the Rev. Waltt: For Hong Kong Defenders non, a chaplain who holds the Quebec• (E}.--A Solemn Re- of major. Those present quiem Mass was celebrated at the high officials of the military, p Basilica here for the heroic de- ernment and judicial life of + .fenders ofHong Kong who gave bec_....:___ ,_,,,,=%,,,,,=y=============,sy======== _ NEW YEAR'S GREETINGS City Meat Market & Grocer Kansas City Me.ats- Fancy Groceries + _- Telephone 501 + 708 JONESBORO, ARKANSAS \\; I 'We' Do Appreciate Your Business" ! _ . Free Delivery " ::! =" ==.','='='='=','==,'==='=" ' I HAPPY NEW YEAR ..... The Lone Star Co. 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