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January 2, 1942     Arkansas Catholic
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January 2, 1942

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PAGE FOUR THE GUARDIAN, JANUARY 2, 1942 |llrJ t]IU00kl00lJPl00-]kIN -- ,,, 4, ,-. r... _ e y for PUBLISHED WEEZLY A careful study of history will reveal that an era of ( I 1 / Off( The Propagation THE CATHOLI( PUBLICATION ICIETY Of the Diocese of Little Rock, Arkansas decadence, a period of world chaos, is always preceded by a period in which men forget their first duty to God. They 3OSYs WEST SECOND STREET Entered as iccond-clss matter March 21, 1911, at the ost offl at Little Rock, Arkanras, under the Act of Congress of Marsh S, 1879. SUBSCRIPTION PRICE: $2.00 the year New Year Wishes. a It may seem rather difficult year to voice the greeting "H New Year," but the desire ! happiness is as strong as e  Therefore let us be hearty in wish that 1942 may prove a ha period even though its advert darkened by the clouds of un tainty and war. Let us remember also that Year's Day is the feast of Circumcision and eommemori the first shedding of the Redo er's Blood for the redemption!  man. While we may be too b for lengthy resolution making might be well-also to dete to pray daily that Christ's dora may come on earth-- Kingdom in which anger, intrt and warfare have no part. ,' Apostle of the Alleghenles. [ From the grandeur of the ! sian court of Catherine the G to the humble chapel in Lore Pa., is the route followed Demetrius, Prince of Galli Destined to occupy a promin place in the Russian army, call to the Catholic priesth proved too strong and the Apostle of the Alleghenies Llrt.  Demet placed the Prince of court. Today that same De Prince of Gallitzin, is known loved throughout the Altoona eese, where his zeal and unfix generosity made him one of best-loved missionaries of the 1 century. St. Louis--The Beautiful. The date was October 15, 11 --the writer, the Roy. Father T] baud, Jesuit Missionary, and letter, sent out from St. Mar Kentucky, described St. Louis, beautiful city." "St. Louis was founded," w Father Thebaud, "towards the of the last century by_ a eolonY French Canadians. A series pastors, the greater part Fren succeeded' each other until 1 when Bishop Dubourg broui several zealous priests from Loll iana. Some years afterwards l Rosati was consecrated its fi Bishop. "A Catholic takes pleasure thinking on the future prosper of this beautiful city," contint Father Thebaud, "because evel thing justifies the belief that true faith will always flouz here. Religion has done eve: thing to help its first devel ment. It has given it a universi which will hereafter, no dot/ rival the ancient universities Europe. It ha enrlehed.:Lt._ a magnificent hospital, wheie" Sisters of Charity administer i lief to the infirm and the poor: has, in fine established for humbler classes free scho{ where hundreds of children eeive instruction." If we are Catholic in the sense as well as in name we v understand that the upheavals, war are not alone political economic but that they also l volvo the drama of Christ's cr fixlon--a tearing asunder of Mystical Body of Christ toget with its Members. It is not al Germany, Russia, Spain, Fri Italy, England, Holland, Pol Belgium that suffer. It is we Csl ollos of one Body in Christ suffer. Hence suffering in hl mony we must unite OUr fore and mobfllsing for splritual ell we must set aside prayer ad all for the m/ssions.Rev, AloyS Coogan. L The Guardian's Own Activity In the December 5th issue ! The Guardian a small "warnill announcement was given on p " t 4, which began: The Guard Office has reason to believe tt there are one or two unauthortz solicitors of advertising workil in the Diocese, etc." The suspicia were well founded', and throuJ prompt telephone ,calls from F thor Evans at Stuttgart and FathG McKee at his mission at Stan and immediate investigation The Guardian Office, the followt news item was carried in a Lit Rock paper. "A couple identified as M.r. Mrs. James F. Leery, Chicago, s l rested here yesterday for inveS gatton on false pretense charge were surrendered by state polit today to Stuttgart officers  prosecution there. "State Patrolman Templet said the pair had forged crede ials for use in identifying theI selves as representatives of Guardian, Catholic paper publiS ed in Little Rock. In such cap city, Templeton charged, the $. ana woman solicited subscriutiop and advertising for the nu]licS tion, accepting payment for thes . . e said charges of forgery raise pretense probably would docketed against them. They w arrested by Little Rock police Y terday afternoon at the reques state officers when their car found parked on a down-to street." Again The Guardian menti that all representatives of Guardian carry a letter of authC zation signed by Bishop FletCJ and the business manager. time pastors or lay people h reason to suspect any soli working the state, they are t. to call The Guardian Office distance immediately and ms the call collect. OFFICIAL DIOCESAN ORGAN The Guardian is the official organ of the Dloceea o| Llttla Reek and ! pray God that It my be an earnest chuumpion of the cause of tight, Jualee and truth and an ardent defender of the religio we 81i love so wail. ! extend to It my blessing with the sincere hope that Ite career mat be long mad proeperous. JOHN B. MORRIS. Bishop of Little Rock. EDITOR VERY REV. MONSIGNOR THOMAS L. KEANY, Ph. D. BUSINF$ MANAGER All communications about The Guardian must be handled through tha Busins Manager, and all matters intended for publication should reach The Guardian office not later than Tuday at noon. REVEREND THOMAS J. PRENDERGAST Business and Editorial Office, 809 West 2nd, Telephone 5486 Advertising Office, 210 Center, Telephone 4.4012 i SPONSORS OF SERVICE Pfctura Service--Knights of Columbue of Arkansas ltraold Council, No. 1713-- $12.00 Sittzart-Stovactown Council, No. aTso .... IZ.00 lItt Reek Cuneil, No. SI2 ............. gIJB Furt Smith Council. N. 996 .......................... .00 ...[ ' ' JANUARY 2, 1942 "tf bv liberty of the press, we understand merely the liberty of discussing the propriety of public measures and political opinions, let us lave as much st it as you please; but if it means the liberty of af- fronting, calumniating and defaming one another, I own myself willing to part with my share of it when- eer our legislators shall please to alter the law; and shah cheerfully consent to exchange my liberty of abusing others for the privilege of not being abused myself."--Franklin. : A JUST' PEACE " Our Holy Father, Pope Pins XII has stated a very definite plan by which peace may be sought in the world. His plan naturally takes precedence over whatever plans may be sug- gested by his subordinates, for as the authoritative head of the Church, the Pope's words become a line of action to his fol- lowers. ' " The Bishops of America have designated a committee of three to make known, through proper and legitimate channels, the ideas of Our Holy Father for a just peace. Peace cannot remain in this world unless established on the principles of jus- tice, without which there can be no peace. A forced peace may come, leaving a dissatisfied and disgruntled group of nations and peoples chafing under the heel of a tyrannical imposed burden. According to Our Holy Father, peace can remain here only after the adoption of the five-Ioint principles he has laid down; the triumph over hate, mistrust, ruthless selfishness, eco- nomic greed and over the false principle that might makes right. The sooner this gets publicity the better. The sooner it is brought before the eyes of men, the sooner will the obligation of a just peace be felt and sought. The whole bloody affair ia based upon injustice, and hate has bred the injustice. There is no gain saying this fact--and until a triumph over hate and mistrust has been accomplished there can be no Christ-like peace in the world. Until the triumph over ruthless selfishness and over economic greed is accomplished no justice can reign in the world. And only when the false principle of might makes right is scrapped can there be any security based upon Christian principles in the world. To this end the Bishops have appointed a committee of three of their number, including the Bishop of Omaha, who will strive to show American at least the importance and the sanity of a just peace as proposed and sought by Our Holy Father.--The True Voice. PERSECUTION IS NOT NEW OR HOPELESS The history of the Church follows its accustomed pattern. Stalin, the avowed enemy of God and religion, is given the tremendous support of the British Empire and the United States; the Germans under Hitler are reported to have closed seventy-four religious houses; but at Hue, China, in a mission- ary compound in the teeming paganism of the Far East, the Church ordains to the priesthood a young man whose direct ancestors, a king of Indo-China, was noted for his violent per- secution of Christianity. - And so it has been since the time of Christ. The mightiest forces of the world have arrayed themselves against the Church of Christ. Rome, Byzantium, Mohamet, Barbarian hordes sweeping over Europe have all seemed to spell disaster for the Church and bury it forever in the sepulchre of oblivion, but each time like its Divine Founder it arises from the tomb to con- found its persecutors with the hard fact of its undying life. In spite of the sad news that comes from various quarters of the earth it is this fact that keeps alive the hope and confi- dence of every Catholic. Viewing history with the eyes of the Church they see the trials that always beset some portion of Christ'S Church but they see also the fulfillment of the promise of the Son of God that He would be with it to the end of time. Modern history records the lesson learned by Bismarck and Napoleon when they acknowledged the futility of their ef- forts to crush it completely. More recently Spain and our neighboring Mexico were the scenes of its martyrdom, but there too, better days have now dawned. Stalin and Hitler will pass away and the Church will beliving and flourishing when Hitler- im'n and communism will be found only in the footnotes of history books. And this undying life is the hope of the world. Christianity can save the world if given the opportunity. It is the only stable force that remains in the maelstrom that sweeps around us. Preached to the minds of men in Christian literature and a Chris- tian forum as well as the pulpit it can perform a miracle of re- generation because man is beginning to realize that the civilized world annot exist without adhering to the truths taught by the :Son of God.The Northwest Progress. " fail to realize that God and the saving of their immortal soul comes before everything else in this world. When would-be leaders tell us that man is but a cog in a machine, that the State is everything and owns every creature, body and soul, they are but repeating history. In the place of God they are substituting the State, Man was created by God in His own image and like- ness for a very definite supernatural purpose, namely, to know. love and serve Him in this world and to be happy with Him in Heaven for all eternity. When you guide man away from this ,supernatural end and thwart the divine Plan, destruction is al- way the result. History shows that where man is left on his own, he rules by brutal force. Love, mercy and all the virtues of the supernatural order disappear. God-fearing citizens must be faithful, loyal and true to the cause of their country but they must give to God their minds, hearts and souls. No state, no dictator can take away from man this dignity, this prerogative by reason of the fact that man was made in the image and likeness of God. The scientific discoveries made during the last century for man's worldly advancement, comfort and convenience have, in many cases, been turned into instruments for his destruction because human beings will not accept the principal proposed by our Blessed Lord that we love one another.- Sunday Observer. Catholio I.utorltla Soe/et [ Narberth, Pa. kind that denies us hatred of rob- bery, murder, or any evil or er- ror, for with these not God Him- self can be tolerant. What sort of love? Not the affection we be- stow on a wife, a child or friend, for that indeed would be impos- sible. But the love we must have Catholic Evidenc TO HATE IS HUMAN-- TO LOVE, DIVINE! Hate! Hate; How it is corroding the world today! A b r o a d skilfully inoculated hatred has turned the virtue of patriotism into the vice of ven- geance. At home the hate-mongers have infected the land with their gospel of prejudice, bigotry, dis- unity. Sincere people are delud- ed into voting for one candidate because they have been lured into hating anotherinto joining one ism or creed because the abuse of freedom has plunged them into blind hatred for men of other philosophies. Class against class race against race  color against color. These are the products of the manufacturers of hate. But who are these hate- mongers? What authority is be- hind their pronouncements? Why should we believe them? Perhaps it is because men have forgotten God and therefore love to hate. Love! Love! ,From our pulpits we hear it. In our Bibles we read ,, I" it. Love thy neighbor as thyself. "Love thine enemies!" "Do good to them that hate you!" God's words we admit; but is such a love pos- sible today? Can I love the man who steals my property? Can I love the flier who bombs my home? Can I love the soldiers who would enslave me? What sort of love is that? What sort of love? Not the for our fellowman, be he friend or foe, is that greatest of all love, Charity--a love akin to that which God demands we render unto Him a love for our neighbor at home, or at the antipodes, as our brother with Jesus Christ under the Uni- versal Fatherhood of God'. Him we must treat with honor, jus- tice, mercy. Him we must help spiritually, mentally, physically, when opportunity arises, not be- cause he is pleasing to our senses. but because he is God's creature with a soul like our own, made in the image and likeness of the Creator of the universe. Hatred is human--Satan's bait to fallen man. Love is divine-- God's ladder to Heaven for him who would climb it. Such a love begets love and changes our hater into our lover. Such a love, be- stowed by every man on every man, would' whirl this world of ours from the grim og hell up to a spot but a hop, skip and jump from Heaven. Faith, Hope, Charityespecially Charityform the life-line of sinking humanity. At least that's about the way St. Paul puts it. Words of Encouragement "What greater work is there than training the habits of the young?" (St. John Chrysostom). The task belongs pre-eminently to parents. Their's it is to fashion and shape and mould thd lives en- trusted to their care. Their's it is to watch and guide and set those infant feet on the road that leads to God. Their's to lay the re- ligious and moral foundations that will bear the edifices of Chris- tian lives, edifices strong and firm against the buffetings of tempta- tion and of the world because they are not built on sand. What opportunities for unlim- ited good! Those who listen to the voice of the Church, who fol- low her teachings and instill into the minds of their children the doctrine and precepts of Christ will receive their hundredfold even in this life. Their children will rise up and call them bless- ed. On the other hand what un- told harm will follow the neglect of parental duties and obligations." "Suffer the little children to come unto Me and forbid them not." Surely we forbid them Christ if we fail to show them by word and example the way that leads to life. "But if any man have not care of his own and especially of his house he hath denied the Faith and is worse than an infi- del." (1 Tim. v. 8). It is not the individual life alone that is made or marred by parental care or neglect. The child of today is the father of tomorrow. "A young man according to his way, when he is old he will not depart from it." Influences for good or evil are felt long after their authors are no more. Now, perhaps more than at any other time is there need' for care- ful and thorough religious in- struction fo the young. More than ever is an extended vigilance needed inasmuch as the dangers of moral and religious shipwreck are greater for inexperienced youth. In May all the buds o April blossom. In a like manner we should try to turn into action all our good resolutions of the past year. Our Blessed Mother is a wonder at stiffening will power, and back- ing her friends through thick and thin. Call on her for help, and see what results you can achieve. Today's Parable Father Stedman, Confraternity of the Precious Blood, BrooklFn, N. Y. 'SOULdier's RATIONS "An army moves on its stom- ach"; the stomach not only of its men, but on the stomach of its equipment as well. Tanks, planes, guns, need, constantly, to be fed. Oil, ammunition, repairs, must keep coming from supply bases in the rear. It is clear that the primary strategy of the war, is to cut the enemy's supply lines. It is also clear, that, in equipping His SOULdiers, t h i s RATIONING problem was of first importance to our Lord's Divine Strategy. So effective is the Divine Plan, for making the Eucharist the "Supply Line" by which Christian SOUL- d'iers are reinforced, that no Chris- tian need ever be cut off from his base of Supply. All that is neces- sary, to keep the Eucharist Supply Line open, is willingness to receive this Reinforcement. Suppose that a blockade of unworthy Communions, or indif- ference to Receiving, should cut off this Sacrament Supply Line. The Christian army would be weakened. "This daily Bread should be taken as a remedy against our daily infirmities," de- clares Saint Ambrose. Every Communion reinforces not only the One Receiving, but all the Christ Body--every member of It, just as our daily food nour- ishes, not merely an arm, a leg, a toe, but our whole body. Our Holy Communions, then, can be a vital Supply Base for those cut-off from us in Europe. Cut off Geographically, they are still One with us, as members in the Same Christ Body. A cut-off army, yet, we can still reinforce them through the Eucharistic Base of Supply for says St. Augustine, "The influence of a good Holy Communion is felt around the world." Our Blessed Mother is very sympathetic, she knows how strong those obstacles to your progress seem to you. She does not nag or scold when you come to her because you have failed. She listens quietly, then suddenly those obstacles look small; you no longer feel the weakness of being alone, but the strength of being allied. With Mary, you know you can win. Did Christ Himself Prophesy Many Things Which Were Later Fulfilled? Yes, He surely did. In particular He foretold the details of His Passion and the fact and the time of His Resurrection: "Behold, we go up to Jerusalem, and the Son of Man shall be betrayed to the Chief Priests and the Scribes; and they shall condemn Him to death, and shall deliver Him to the Gentiles to be mocked, scourged and crucified, and the third day He shall rise again." (Matt. xx, 18, 19). Our Divine Savior also prophesied the betrayal by Judas, the denial and conversion of St. Peter and' the destruction of Jerusalem. He announces the fall of Jerusalem in a very striking manner: "As He was going out of the Temple, one of His Disciples said to Him: 'Master, behold what manner of stones and what buildings are here.' And Jesus answering said to him: 'Seest thou all these great buildings? There shah not be left a stone upon a stone that 'shall not be thrown down.'" (Mark xiii, 2). These words were surely ful- filled when Jerusalem and the Temple were destroyed under the Roman Titus and more vividly were they verified when Julian, the apostate, with the view to ren- dering the prophecy null and void and thus show Christ to be an imposer, undertook to rebuild the Temple. History tells us that fire sprang out of the earth and con- sumed all the efforts of the work- men. Other prophecies of Christ which we have seen fulfilled are, for instance, the miracles to be worked by those who should be- lieve in Him, the persecution and death which they must undergo, the diffusion or spreading of the Church throughout all nations and its perseverance throughout all the storms that may beset her. Christ said of the one Church He found- ed that the gates of hell would not prevail against her. I would like to know if the confessional is absolutely secret. Do priests ever talk to one an- other about what they hear in the confessional? This question is from a non- Catholic reader. The best answer we can give is a summary of the Canon Law governing the seal of confession. It declares that the Sacramental seal is inviolable, and the confessor must therefore carefully beware of betraying a penitent by words or signs, or in any other way, for any reason whatsoever. The obligation of keeping the Sacramental seal also binds the interpreter and all others to whom the knowledge of the con- fession has in any way come. The confessor is absolutely forbidden to use the knowledge derived from the confession to the dis- advantage of the penitent, even when there is no danger of reve- lation. The actual superiors, as well as confessors who are after- wards superiors, cannot make any use whatever of the knowledge of sins gained in the confessional for the purpose of the external gov- ernment. The law then goes on to say that while there may be reasons which would excuse the revela- tion of what was entrusted to one's confidence, in the case of Confession the Church does not admit excuses of any kind, and binds the priest to secrecy, though it may entail a sacrifice of his life, .his honor, or anything else that is most dear to him. A recent instruction of the Holy Office to local Ordinaries and re- Q. I am married to a non-Catho- lic. Is it possible for us to be buried in the same lot L a Catholic ceme- tery? The remains of a non-Catho- lic member of a Catholic family (e. g. spouse or parent), may be buried in the family lot in a Ca- tholic cemetery under the follow- ing conditions: (1) There must be no general unfavorable comment and if services are held in a non- Catholic Church the name of the cemetery must be omitted from all obituary notices and newspaper articles. (2) Burial must be made in a concrete vault. (3) Non-Ca- tholic services are never permitt- ed at the cemetery. What did St. Theresa of the Child Jesus mean by saying that "After my death I shall let fall a shower of roses"? A more complete expression of her meaning can be gathered from her words, preceding this statement "I count fully on not remaining idle in heaven. My longing is to labor there for the Church and soul. Our Lord will work wonders for me that will infinitely surpass my boundless desire. After my death I shall let fall a shower of roses." The in- numerable favors granted through the intercession of the Little Flower are undoubtedly the "shower of roses" she promised. How did the Bible come into existence? It is a fact of history that at the time of Christ the Jews were in possession of sacred books which they held to be the revealed word of God. That this belief of the Jews was confirmed by our Lord is evident from the fact that He used the Old Testament as a foundation of His own doctrine and linked it up intimately with the religious system of which He was the Founder. The books thus approved were handed down to the Christian Church as the writ- ten record of that part of Divine Revelation which had been made before the coming of Christ. The. truths of the Christian Revelation were made known to the Apostles by Christ Himself or by the Holy Ghost. These truths of Christian Revelation make up what is known as the Deposit of the Faith. Some of these truths were committed to writing under the inspiration of the Holy Ghost and have been handed down to us in the books of the New Testa- meat. Written originally to in- dividual churches or persons and to meet particular needs, these books were gradually received by the universal Church as inspired and, with the sacred books of the Jews, constitute the Bible. What Jews besides St. Peter have been caonized? Formal canonization, as we know it today, was not instituted by the Church until the thirteenth century. However, all of the Apos- tles and Evangelists, as well as Our Blessed Lady, St. Mary ligious superiors insists on the duty of the officers to avoid all talk about what they have heard in confessions, whether it be in public sermons and instructions, or in private conversations. This instruction of the Holy Office has Magdalene, St. John the Baptist, all the force of law and explains St. Anne, St. Elizabeth, St. Jo- the full import of the Divine law seph and many others were ad- which binds the confessor to ab- herents of the Jewish religion solute secrecy as to what he has prior to the founding of the Cath- heard in Sacramental Confession olic Church. . Lt,,tlo-gaow. f00,ta for Oath