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January 2, 1942     Arkansas Catholic
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January 2, 1942

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Qui Vive? By The Sentry year of 1942 is sure to be a one. The waning days year brought the long ira- war. It came with a sud- that shocked everyone out Up to the out- of hostilities, there was al- that "hope that springs eter- some last minute corn- would push the war aside. But it seems that this like the others, mut pay that is exacted from all fast and loose with the laws .of God The sactlon plaed upon the physical so evident .that men take with it. Every person, has normal intelligence, the law of gravity is in force. He will not, there- off a high building, ex- to be borne up by the air But he will defy the snc- God places upon the 1 lws. Men wlll ,profess a t in the Supreme Being, lnd live as if there were no God. years men hve allowed be their goal. They spent themselves preparing here indefinitely. Even the in school lmve been on- to study only what they to be a success in this No time has been given that have a refln- upon man's nature. was given to God in the are maintained at expense. Because of these the Catholic Church has bllged to support her own program. Even t h e schools and teachers have by the choir- in which they exist. All adds up to what lppcned on 7. The people of this have been trying to serve Lmastors. This is impossible. itS terrible, but it comes as result of the pursuit of war is bound to teach a salutary lesson The of the present conflict as well iks sot- was, indeed, unfortunate treachery of our enemies the lives of so many men. But these boys died ,. and were equal to the test The heroes of Pearl and the Philippines have the American nation one as else could have done. The tnspircd our forefathers on. The torch of liberty bee carried, dow years iS still"in cap- from all General Pershing down in their "teens," their services to the of the United States.The of 1776 and 1917 still lives. a LS have never been belll- This nation has never been Butwhenever a foe has our freedom, we have t brave and united. Like the family, we have our dif- and disputes, aad bitter are, at tims. But we brook bterference from outsiders, Whenever my other nation in our domestic affairs, as one, ready to fight and the invader of ottt rights. World War did much to the ties that bind us and can be no doubt that the affair will unite us more than ever before This has the resources, the man the courage and the will to the end. Whatever that we are called upon we shall nke generous- uote the words from a song was popular in 1918, "I'm since Uncle Sam got in the I'm afraid we'll win Ira- victory." people of rids country at last zwken to the fact have been living in a Many are quick to those who were in oommand Harbor, because }f their disregard of a treaeherou There has been a general Now, when there is demand for persons who skill In the profess/ons and industry, there is a woe- of candidates, who are to tke over. There is need for nurses, yet the who are qu@lifled to 0/fer services is pitifully lne- Thl state of affldrs h about by an auoeia- conceived the idea that those girls, Who ranked high studies in school would the proper kind of nun. if the Tat had not come, Would have baena ahortae in the event of a major School directors have eneour4ng young boys and tQ squander their time cm were supped to the negieot of those which atully would be The error in dieeeting folks was due to a understanding on the part of what is prac- education. It is a good to develop skill in the use liands, but not at the ex-i M the development of the  powers. The head must di, huds. There has been too of $ tendency in mlern press button. Too many content to live npom of the few. It was the of least reslstanes. Now demaad for, thoe VIVE? '' on Pa4w 8 SUBSCRIPTION $2.00 A Year New rate became effectiv,e Janu- ary 1st, 1942. All new subscrip- tions and renewals should be fig- ured at $2.00 a year. No, 7. hol,0000 Rewarded For Distinguished Service In Pacific SubscriptionRateChangedl00lAmon00116 Rece}vi After 6 Years Reduction' Announcement! D.S.C. For Herotc 00,gction Guardian Office.--For six years the official publication Five of 16 Cited for High Award of the Diocese has managed to maintain a subscription cost Foot o, s,oo Known To Be of Faith-Heroism Of Pulaski Heights December 30, 1941. of one dollar a year. As our. Most Reverend Auxiliary, Bishop Little Catholics in Last War Recalled Fletcher states in his letter to subscribers, it was in October (By N. C. W. C, News Service) of 1935, when conditions were so different from the present TO OUR LOYAL SUBSCRIBERS: Sixteen soldiers have been cited to receive the Distinguish- that The Guardian subscription price was reduced. For more than a quarter of a century The ed .Service Cross in the first award the United States Gov- Not so much for comparison, but just as a statement of fact, there is only one other diocesan newspaper in the Guardian subscription price was $2.00 or more a ernment has made of this honor in the present war. Next to United States that sells for $1'.00 a year, and it is surprising year. It was October 19th, 1935, when many of our the Congressional Medal of Honor, the Distinguished Service to note the number that maintain a $2.50 subscription price, readers were faced with unemployment or reduced Cross is the highest decoration a member of the United States It should be said in all fair- incomes, at a time when salaries, general living costs, Army can receive. Those named now to receive it displayed and particularly when materials essential to the extraordinary courage, often in the face of great odds, in de- ness that The Guardian Board NaGS in Alaska publishing of newspapers were at their lowest level, fending against Japanese attacks in the Pacific. o was not influenced by such a that he Guardian Board, with the approval of His Of these first 16 Army men to be so decorated in the status among diocesan newspa- Excellency, The Most Rev. Bishop, reduced the ' present war, five are definitely known to be Catholics . pers, for such a rating among pa- pers has been in effect for a long subfieription price to $I.00 a year. Two others are Filipinos and the probability is that they time. With The Guardian it was :]:oday The Guardian, like every other busi- are Catholics. entirely a matter of necessity, ne_s "faced with a rising market and increased Five are known not to be Catholics, and nothing is known Readers are reminded of the" fAs. It is financially impossible to continue the yet about the religion of four others. contents and excellency of the ,,,,, $'!.00'' a year subsenptmn .... prme. It m therefore abso- ' At the same time, it became known that the commander Christmas Edition of The Guard- ,.o ian. Twenty pages attractively lutely necessary to return to the subscription price of the heroic garrison of Wake Island is Maj. James Patrick made up and filled with inter- of $2.00 a year for The Guardian, and the new __ Sinnot Devereux, United States esting and instructive stories and price becomes effective January let, 1942. Just as it At Pearl Harbor Marine Corps, a member of a features appropriate to the Holy " distinguished Catholic family was in 1935 when the subscription price was re- Season comprised this issue. After of Washington, D. C. weeks of planning and editing this dueed, so:it is now that this return to the $2.00 sub- It has also been made known edition was mailed to every sub- ,.scri[pn cost has the approval of the Most Reverend that the Rev. Aloysius H. Schmitt, scriber for less than two cents, i d'p. a priest of the Archdiocese of There were more than just re- " ?' 'Whatever success has attended The Guardian Dubuque and a Chaplain in the ligious and educational articles in " .... United States Navy, was killed on this Christmas issue. In addition " astle official publication of the Diocese, we attribute i December 7 in the first Japanese there were exclusive stories that ...... ,:t0,]'support given by His Excellency and the very !attack upon Hawaii, and may pertainedChurch " to athestrickenStatus Ofworld.the .... ,hinterest of pastors and our loyal subscribers, have been the lirst chaplain with Through he Guardian our own -,,. W'e'hope that our future management of the affairs the United States armed forces to lose his life in the current con- Bishop was able to send his of The Guardain' will merit this same support, flier. Christmas Message into practically every home in his Diocese, advis- Sincerely yours in Christ, Second Lieut. Randall D. Kea- ing and admonishing us in a time tor, of Campti, La.; Technical and hour that we need his direc- Sergt. Anthony Holub, of Coro- tion most. The Guardian has an Most Roy. Albert L. Fletcher, D.D., nado, Calif.; Private (First Class) important and necessary part in President, Joseph G. McElroy of Philadel- phia, and Private Robert J. End- the activity of the Faith of__ae[ Catholic Publication Society. Diocese, and it is this seieu'g ob- [ res, of Faribault, Minn., are among ligation jilkfg$gseious duty l those receiving the Distinguished t0'Tl]llic'%s: ' This is not an Eskimo In native Service Cross and are known to It hasbeensaidmanytimesby garb but John J Caragher. of Bishop Morris Bishop Metzger ''' Guardian readers that the "Qui Hempstead.L. I.. director of the Graley B. Williams, of Iowa City, use club in Fairbanks. Alaska, In., one of three heroes to whom Vies?" column is itself worth the whole subscription cost. We live operated by the National Catholic the D. S. C. has been awarded in arapidlychangingageandwe Community Service ass "home Presides At [To Be El Paso oo000000umou0000, need the interpretive mind of a away from home." for the men of olic. theologian and scholar to lead us the armed forces stationed there. I Capt. Jesus A. Villamor and Lieut. Jose P. Gozer, both of the aright on happenings of the day. {NC.WC.) Midnight Mass I(0adjut0r Philippine Air Corps, werenamed Monsignor Keany, Editor and au- Navy Chaplain at Pearl Harbor,  to receive the Distingiushefl Serf- thor of this column, has been t when the base wa attacked by i ice Cross, the former with an Oak most unselfish with his weekly Bish M Japanese. This photo of Fathel Leaf Cluster. contribution to the mind of the ops ay Little Rock. -- His Excellency,/ Washington. (E).  The M o s t 'Odlum was taken a few m0rtthS Lieutenant Keator's citation Diocese for the past six years. Di F ithful the 00ost .evero.d ,00shop pro- Sidney M. Metzger, Auxili- [r0vlouslyln Hon01tiIth ' says he was attacked by nine Japa- His writings have placed The spense a sided at the celebration of the ary Bishop of Santa Fe, has been " (.C.W,Q,) nese planes, and unhesitatingly Guardian among the leading ex- ponents of Catholic thought in the From Fasting Christmas Midnight Mass and named by His Holiness Pope Plus engaged the nearest three "and XII to be Coadjutor Bishop of Joyce Kilmer's quickly brought down one of the country, spoke to the large assemblage of E1 Paso, with right of succession, first hostile planes in air corn- Catholics in Arkansas must rally Vatican City. (IC).--His Hell- behind the support of their own hess Pope Pius XII, through a the faithful. The Solemn Mass of it is announced in word from the Son Becomes bat in the Philippines." It cites official paper now more than ever. communication of the Sacred the Nativity was celebrated by His Holy See received here December further acts of heroism, and de- A keen interest in the status of Congregation for Extraordinary. Excellency, Auxiliary Bishop A1- 26 by His Excellency the Most Father of Twins clares that "his example of un- the Church at home and abroad Ecclesiastical Affairs, h a s bert L. Fletcher, who also spoke Rev. Amleto Giovanni Cicognani, Washington. (E).Kenton Kil- hesitating action against heavy must be developed. The Catholic granted to Ordinaries of every to the gathering. Bishop Fletcher Apostolic Delegate to the United Philosophy of life and government rite throughout the world the was assisted by the Very :Roy. States. mer, son of Joyce Kilmer, famous odds served as a tremendous stim- ulus to others laboring under the will of necessity share greatly in war-time faculty of dispensing Msgr. F. A. Allen as Archpriest, The Most Rev. Anthony J. )oct and World War hero, became stress of the surprise hostile at- the saving or salvaging of Chris- the faithful of their jurisdic- the Roy. John M. Bann as Deacon Schuler, S. J., is Bishop of El the father of twins on the feast tack on the first day of the war" Private McElroy scorned to take tian Civilization. We must know tion from the precepts of fast and the Roy. Adam Micek as Sub- Paso. of St. Francis Xavier on December shelter during a Japanese air raid the reaction of our American and abstinence, deacon. The Very 1Rev. Msgr. John Bishop Metzger was Pro-Rector 3. to events as they hap- The faculty, granted' for the J. Healy was aster of Cere- of St. John's Seminary, San An- The twins, Nicholas John and n an American air field, but ran it is only in the liglat of duration of the present war, is monies, assisted by the Rev. John tonic, prior to his solemn consec- Noelie 'Frances, were born at to his grounded machine and oper- 2atholic Thought that we can un- to be used according to the pru- E. Murphy. ration as Titular Bishop of Birta Georgetown Hospital here. Their ated its machine gun "in the face most of what is taking dent judgment of the Ordinar- Chaplains to His Excellency, the and Auxiliary Bishop of Santa Fe mother, whom Mr. Kilmer mar- of devastating bomber and aerial Great changes will evolve ies, and includes the power to Most Reverend Bishop, were the on April 10, 1940. He is a native ried in 1937, is the former Fran- machine gun attack." He brought only in governments and dispense Religious Who are ex- Rt. Rev. Msgr. James P. Gaffney of Texas, having been born in cos Frieseke, of Calvados, France, down one enemy plane and drove world society, but in our own be- empt from Episcopal jurisdic- and the Very Roy. Msgr. Jos. A. Fredericksburg, which is in the descendant of a famous French off two others in a smoking state. Gallagher. Archdiocese of San Antonio, July artist. The twins are Mr. and Mrs. Sergeant Holub is honored for loved land statesmen and religious tion. Following the Mass the Papal 11, 1902. Kilmer's third and fourth chil- "his display of personal heroisra and devotion to duty," which the leaders will rely heavily on the Two daysAsh Wednesday Benediction was given by the Bishop Metzger attended Saint dren. First born are Hugh and citation says "served as a vivid enlightened mind of thirty-five and Good Friday--for the La- Most Reverend Bishop. John's Seminary, of which he was Anne, respectively. million Catholics. Our duty is to tin rite and days to be stated be enlightened on the principles of by the Ordinaries for other later Rector, from 1915 to 1922. Like his father, Kenton Kilmer and inspiring example to the per- P id Ad pt d " went to Rome to continue his is a writer and has contributed sonnel of his unit." The Sergeant right and justice of a new order rites, are excepted from the res ent o e studies, taking his Doctorate in poetry to many newspapers and manned the machine gun in his that must inevitably follow the dispensation. By C tholi Gi l Sacred Theology at the Props- periodicals. He is at present Poetry grounded plane, and later braved tragedies of war. a c r  see COADJU'IR on page 8 Editor of The Washington Post. a "heavy strafing fire" to run to another plane to replenish his sup. Philippine Church Assists In Orphan, for Prayer i S Bishops Pledge Aid To ply of ammunition. Private Williams, wiaose decors- Buffalo, N. Y. {E).--"Our court- flon was awarded posthumously, try needs you very much. I will m s also manned the machine gun of Islands' Valiant Defense or, that our Blessed Mother President In Nation's Stru991e his groundedairplanetofightat- takes care of you. I am eight years tacking d'ive bombers. He was kill- old and ] can pray very loud. ed while at his post, and the cita, tion says his action was "a vivid The following dispatch was sent by radio by The t?llppines Good-bye, Mr.. President,. ,, my Commonweal, official publlcatio OF CethoNe Action in e Philip- brave sailor. Wzth love. (By N. C. W. C. News Serene) example of courage and devotion pines, lanuel Colayco, the regular Manila Correspondent of the N.C. The letter was signed "Myrtle Washington.The Bishops of the United States on De- to duty." W. C. News Service, is in the an-my and currently fhting in the Pickering." Private Endres, on his own inl- Thus the Commander-in-Chief comber 23 ones more attested their full patriotic support of tiative, ran through a hail of bul- vigorous defense of the Islands. (By N. C. W. C. News Service) the United States Army and the nation in its hour of need. Se AWAID8 on  2 learned that he lad become In a letter to President Roosevelt, the Bishops pledge to Manila.The Catholic Church in the Philippines has the special spiritual charge of a marshal all the spiritual forces at thelr command to safeguard Forty Hours from the very beginning fully participated in the total effort little Catholic orphan girl. Myrtle, which the Islands are exerting to defend themselves against in- a charge of the C/erinan Catholic "our God-given blessings of freedom." Fusion by the Japanese. Orphan asylum, drew the Presi- It was an act reminiscent of the stirring day ia April, Devotion to Begin With the outbreak of war, members of the Catholic clergy dent's name in the plan for the 1 9 1 7, when thd Catholic Bishops, clergy and laity "moved to At Good Counsel spiritual "adoption" of soldiers and the very depths of our hearts," "We will do our full part in the religious and diocesanbecame chaplains with the army, sailors by the children of the Die- ., Little RoclFm-ty Hours at OUr Lady of Good omu andinjured.Catholic Sisters turned to the nursing of the wounded and ceSeserviceOf menBUffal'will beThethe"adpted"object of reaffirmtId Presidentin tlisWilsnhour thatof stressWe natinal effort to transmute the Church will open ,nday, Jan- the little ones' daily prayers and and trial our most sacred and impressive material and spiritual uary 11, at the 7 o clock Mm Early in the air raids that have been unloosed against the weekly Communions. sincere loyalty and patriotism to- resources of our country into of- of Exposition, to be celebrated cities in the Philippines, civilians found that the stout masonry President Roosevelt's "adoptar" ward our country, our Govern- festive strength," the letter de- by the Rt. Rev. Msgr. 1 H. of old Catholic churches afforded good protection against wrote the Chief Executive: merit, and cur flag." elates. Wernke, V. F, pastor. exploding bombs and flying I" "Do you wonder why you are It recalled, too, the solemn dee- The Blessed Sacrament will be exposed on the days of Sha- teens to dispense quickening getting a letter from a little or- laration of the Third Plenary Dr. J. J. Duffy, Noted day, Monday and Tuesday. On fragments of metal. Fver since, nourishment to soldiers and de- phan girl? I want to tell you that' Council of Baltimore that, should with the first warning that Japa- fense workers, you are my sailor. Every little this country's inheritance of free- Cancer Thm-apst D Monday and Tuesday mornings nese planes are coming to bomb To date, there is recorded evi- boy and girl in Buffalo is going dora be imperiled, "our Catholic New Yerk. (NJ.--Dr. Jamles J. exposition will precede the them, Filipinos seek refuge in the dence that at least 200 Catholic to pray for one of oun soldiers and citizens will be found to stand Duffy, noted cancer specialist and 6:30 Mass. The close will take churches, priests and Religious have made sailors, forward, as one man, ready to an alumnus of Holy Cross College, place on Tuesday evening, Jan- Catholic colleges also are serf- offerings of their blood, These "I am very happy I drew your pledge anew 'their lives, their for- Worcester, Mms., has died here uary 20, at 7:45, with Solemn ing to the utmost in the present blood donations have been used name. I think you would like to tunes, and their sacred honor.'" at 49. At Memorial Hospital, Benediction of the lIost Bless.. emergency. They have trans- for the assistance of soldiers and be a sailor, because I heard that The Bishops make it clear that where he was associate attending ed Sacrament. formed into hospitals to give shel- civilians wounded and injured in you were a leader of sailors in the they act with "a patriotism that surgeon, he had charge of the Prayers for peace will be the ter to the woundsd, into first aid the Japanese onslaughts, last big war. is guide and sustained by the $100,000 four-gram radium ele- principal intention of the dove- stations to provide treatment for ' In a word, Catholic priests and "The other boys and girls are Christian forces of faith, hope and ment deposit, which is preserved tion to the Blessed Sacrament. ambulatory ases, and into can- See DEFENSE on page 8 OPHAN on page S charity." in a 600-pound cylinder of lead.